PUSL.- Jamila Dambar, a 16-year-old Saharawi youth and niece of Said Dambar who was murdered 122 months ago by the Moroccan occupation forces, decided to publish a video on Monday 22 February 2021 with a clear message about the will of the Saharawi people and their daily suffering.

The girl inside the house surrounded by police, boldly decided to denounce the situation, despite knowing the reprisals that await the family.

Since Morocco violated the ceasefire on 13th November 2020 and the Polisario Front had to return to the armed conflict, Saharawi in the territories occupied by Morocco have been subjected to arbitrary detentions, torture, sieges on homes and neighborhoods, indiscriminate and violent repression, including torture, on a daily basis as well as farce judgments. The escalation of Moroccan repression has so far not been rebuked by either the United Nations or the European Union, despite the fact that images have gone viral on social media.

Message from Jamila:

“Hello, good morning, I am the niece of martyr Said Dambar, Jamila Dambar. I am at the home of the martyr Said Dambar, now under a siege by the Moroccan police, after 122 long months of his murder, by the Moroccan police, by the enemy, by the colonizer. Today we are fighting and we will continue to fight.

Today is a sad day, a day of disappointment. Better to say: A day full of anger.

Many of you will say why anger? Anger, anger burning your heart, anger burning your heart at walking the streets and seeing the flag of your colonizer, of your enemy, who has already killed thousands of family members. Because we the Saharawi, we are all a family and we are all brothers. And we will remain brothers and be united until death. Anger because you walk the streets, as I said, and you see your enemy’s flag instead of your country’s flag. Rage to walk through the streets and listen to the anthem of another country, the anthem of an enemy, the anthem of a colonizer instead of the anthem of your own country. My heart burns when I hear a hymn that is not mine.

It hurts my heart to be in class and suddenly they play the national anthem of their own country and sing it with joy and sing it with love. And me with tears in my eyes, with my eyes full of tears, anxious to get home and be able to cry out for the anger I feel.

Well, that is why we feel angry, many people will not know what it means to be angry, to be colonized, because you can’t feel it until you live it. This you do not understand until you feel it, until you feel it in yourself.

Because I cannot continue to see flags from another country that rubs me in the face, that it is colonizing us, and to rub in my face that we will not become independent from them. Because I know and have all the confidence, trust in my people and in God that we will achieve our independence with or without help, but we will! We will achieve our independence with our own hands and with our own sweat and with our continuous struggle. Because we will never be quiet and we will never shut up! Why? Because this has no price. This is unforgivable.

This is unforgivable. You have to… . You have to see the photos of the people with bruised eyes.

The photo of abused people on the street. Photos of people. This I cannot explain. Every time I try to see this scene, my eyes fill with tears.

The scene of seeing your grandmother passed out in front of you, or your uncles, or your father lying on the floor in front of you and with tears in his eyes pretending to be strong, but in fact he can’t take it, because this is unbearable and like I said before, it is unbearable!!! We will not be silent until we reach our independence! And this I say and I don’t take it away!

(Kol al watan aw achahada)
The entire homeland or martyrdom!

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