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PUSL.- Spokesperson Ned Price leads the Department Press Briefing, at the Department of State, on February 22, 2021 and answers questions regarding the positon of the US regarding Western Sahara.

Transcript of the questions and answers:

Question: On the Western Sahara, any update on the review that you’re making towards the policy there?

Reply: No, no update for you. At the moment. I think what we have said broadly still applies. We welcome the new steps Morocco is taking to improve relations with Israel. The Morocco Israel relationship will have long term benefits for both countries. We will continue to support the UN process to implement a just and lasting solution to this long standing dispute. the dispute in Morocco.

We will also support the work of the mission of the United Nations for the referendum in Western Sahara to monitor the ceasefire and to prevent violence in the area.

Questions: you said you would support the UN process, leading to a plebiscite?

Answer: No. I said, we will support the work of the mission.

Question: Does that mean that you don’t recognize the Western Sahara area as a part of Morocco?

Answer: It means I don’t have any updates for you.