PUSL.- The saharawi political prisoner Abdallah Abbahaha, who is serving a life sentence in Tiflet2 prison, was vicitim of harrasment, ill treatment and insults this morning.

Between 8 and 9 am of 26th february, a group of prison guards accompanied by a staff memeber of the DGAPR (Moroccan Delegation of the Administaration of the Penitenciaires) entered Mr. Abbahah cell to “perform a search” and forced him outside the cell.

His belongngs were thrown around and to the ground and the guards put their dirty boots on all clothes.

One of the Guards called Nourdin pushed Mr. Abbahah against a wall and started to insult and provoque him. The guards intention was to start a fight with Mr. Abbahah in front of the video camara that was recording everything.

After this Mr. Abbahah started to write an information to the Prison director saying that he would start an open hunger strike, but the guard responsible for the prison block asked him not to do it.

The previous complaints sent by Mr. Abbahah since he was transfered to Tiflet2, to the MInisitry of Justice, the Ministry of Human Rights and other Moroccan institutions did never receive an answer and no enquiry was opened into the detention conditions of Mr. Abbahah.

Mr Abbahah who is in prolonged solitary confinement for over 3 years, i.e. 23h or more inside his cell and no contact with other inmates, has decided not to exit his cell at all until he can speak to the Prison director about the continues ill treatment he receives.

We recall that Mr. Abbahah made a 44 days long hunger strike in October-November 2018. After 42 days he lost consciousness and was administered serum.

In the same Prison also Mr. El Bachir Khadda , political prisoner of the same group made a 43 day long hunger strike in 2018.

Mr. Mohamed Lamin Haddi started a hunger srike 45 days ago and received death threaths from the prison director.

Mr. Abbahah appeals to all international organizations to intervene and denounce the constante ill treatment and torture they suffer in Tiflet2 prison.

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