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PUSL.- The Family of Mr. Haddi and his lawyer Maître Olfa Ouled transmitted to PUSL the events that have taken place this afternoon.

The family of Mohamed Lamin Haddi, who reached today his 50th day of hunger strike was still not permitted to visit the Saharawi political prisoner. The prison director told them it was not possible due to the covid restrictions. We recall that the last communication of Mr. Haddi with his family was ten days ago, which justifies and increases the need of an urgent visit.

The mother, sister and brother of Mohamd Lamin stayed 7 hours in front of the prison this Wednesday, 3rd of March, the security guards were filming the family.

The Director of Tiflet prison called the police accusing the family of Public disturbance.

The family was asked to accompany the police to the police headquarter where they were questioned about their protest and asked them to erase the images related to their protest in front of the prison. After this enquiry the family left the police station, since there were no evidences of any public disturbance as alleged by the prison director.

The family supported by their lawyer will continue to pursue all legal procedures not only to visit Mr. Haddi but also achieve his goal to transfer him to another prison.