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PUSL.- The family was having dinner at 11 p.m., suddenly there was a lot of movement and the family received received a call from outside.

They were told that an great number of Moroccan occupying forces from the Makhzen were moving outside. They surrounded the whole house of the Khaya family.

Ouarra tried to go outside but by sticking her head out the door she saw how they were surrounded and she understood the “message”.

She closed closed the door again. The electricity of the house was cut. Before turning off the electricity, the moroccan occupation forces surrounded all the houses / apartments that are in Farza and across the house of the Khaya family.

Three to four policemen were posted at every house and one policeman at every street crossing.

The electricity of street was also cut , but not from the other houses. Then moroccan forces started banging on the door with a metal rod to destroy the door and enter.

The one who banged on the door was identified by Ouarra Khaya as commandant Aziz.

They tried to storm the house when Sultana tried to lie down. The little boy (nephew) started crying and the mother of the Khaya family asked them to withdraw.

They kept banging on it.

Ouarra told them that we are living in the year 2021 and that the world is living in a democracy and that there are laws and rules.

She told the to come during the day and if they wanted to destroy the whole house thry can do it, if they want to bomb the house theycould do it.

Ouaara said:” I shared an important point with them: we are women who are courageous and not afraid. But the way you go about turning off the power and covering up your barbaric actions is not acceptable. We appeal to all human rights organizations, international organizations and free people to stand up for this family who is suffering at the hands of the Moroccan occupation forces”.

Ouarra, her mother, her sister Sultana, her sister in law and Babozaid the little nephew sat in the dark dark in a situation that is indescribable.

Ouarra appeals to the international community and the International Committee of the Red Cross to save her family from this prison, this cover-up and intimidation as well as the unacceptable ill treatment that thry are victims of.