Statement – Mohamed Lamin HADDI 60 days in Hunger Strike and incommunicado

PUSL.- Mohamed Lamin HADDI, political prisoner of the Gdeim Izik Group, currently detained in Tiflt2 prison, sentenced to 25 years is incommunicado for 17 days. On February 25, he said he had reached his 43rd day of hunger strike.

Mohamed Lamin has been in prolonged solitary confinement since the 17th of September 2017.

Facing a desperate situation due to the inhumane detention conditions of detention in Tilfet2, and after exhausting all other means, Mohamed Lamin has no other choice to resort to an open hunger strike since he has nothing to loose.

Mr. Sidi Abdallah ABBAHAH and Mr. Bachir KHADDA from the Gdeim Izik Group, also detained in Tiflet2, , made a 44 and 43 days of hunger strike for the same reasons, but although promised to be transferred they are still in Tiflet2.

Despite the predictable and risky situation Mohamed Lamin decided to engage in this form, of protest, his family and his lawyer, could only support his decision, understanding that regrettably his voice could now only be heard through this hunger strike, which could lead to his death. Mohamed Lamin decided to take his life into is own hands through this hunger strike.

According to the Moroccan authorities Mr. HADDI is in good health and not in Hunger Strike, yet the King’s prosecutor did not answer to the complaint of Maitre Ouled received on the Last 2nd of February, nor the complaints made by his family to the Moroccan General Delegation of the Penitentiaries.

The last phone call of Mr HADDI with his family was on the 25th of February.

The fact that Mr. Haddi is incommunicado raises serious questions and concerns. Facing the lack of any information concerning his status, his family tried to visit him but was not allowed to see him.

His family and his Lawyer express serious concerns about the current situation of Mr. Haddi and are now asking for an urgent proof that Mr. Haddi is still alive.

We remind that Mr. Haddi stated that he will not end his hunger strike unless he is transferred from Tiflet2 to another jail so to stop the prolonged solitary confinement he is subjected to for almost 4 years now.

The Family of Mr HADDI

Maitre Olfa OULED

13th of March 2021