Haddi and Abbahah imprisoned Saharawi politicians without communication for more than 3 weeks

PUSL.- Mohamed Lamin Haddi, spoke for the last time with his family on the 25th of February, the day on which he completed 43 days of hunger strike.

Abdallah Abbahah spoke with his family on February 26 and since then nothing has been known about him.

The two Saharawi political prisoners are being held in the Tiflet2 prison, known as Morocco’s Guantanamo.

The desperation of the mothers and families of these prisoners cannot be translated into words.

Although Mohamed Lamin’s mother, brother and sister traveled the 1300km from El Aaiun to Tiflet and met with all Moroccan entities and the Red Cross, they were not authorized to visit or have a phone contact.

After days of protest, the family ended up returning to El Aaiun.

Abbahah who is serving a life sentence has also been on hunger strike several times, with the last reaching 44 days.

The demands are the same, transfer of prison and an end to prolonged solitary confinement.