PUSL.- Mr HADDI, sahraoui political prisoner, just called his family today for a few minutes today. The telephone was brought to him in his cell.

He told that his health status was so bad that he has been constrainted to receive today 3 injections with vitamins, against his will, which de facto put and end to his hunger strike.
Those injections have been made by the employees of the jail.

He did not see a doctor despite the fact that he is not able to move for 20 days now and told that “he was feeling that the side of his left body was paralyzed”.

He also told his family that he daily felt asleep several times without remembering what happened.

Despite his status and the morroccan law itself, he did not see a doctor until now. He was not brought to a hospital while his health required and keeps requiring so. He did not receive any visits neither from his family or his lawyer, Mrs OULED.

He is still in solitary confinement and his hunger strike did not change anything except his health status which got worst.

The important thing for now is that Mr HADDI is still alive even if it is allowed to conclude, following his call, that irreversible damages to his health have been caused.

His family and his lawyer, Mrs OULED thank all the people and the organisations that supported Mr HADDI. They take this opportunity to remind that the support to Tiflet2 prisoners who are submitted to inhumane conditions detentions should not stop until those prisoners are being seen by a doctor and transferred to another jail. That is why the campaign for the stop of ill-treatment should keep going on so to give a sense to this 69 days of hunger strike.

An urgent visit from his family or his lawyer should be allowed because it will be the only mean to have a real idea about the health status of Mr HADDI.

The 22th of March
M r H A D D I ’ s f a m i l y / A t t o r n e y O l f a O U L E D

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