Italy – New Saharawi Friendship Intergroup, the Assembly’s commitment is renewed

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PUSL.- There are sixteen councilors who, with President Petitti from region Emilia-Romagna (Italy) , will be part of the Intergroup created to sensitize the regional community to the cause of the Saharawi people and support their right to independence

The Intergroup of Friendship with the Saharawi people was reconstituted in the Legislative Assembly of Emilia-Romagna, consisting of regional councilors from various groups to promote the correct knowledge of the events of Western Sahara and carry out awareness-raising activities for the “people of the desert “.

The Intergroup, set up by the Bureau, is composed of the President of the Assembly, Emma Petitti, and 16 directors: Andrea Costa, Palma Costi, Matteo Daffadà, Marco Fabbri, Francesca Maletti, Antonio Mumolo, Nadia Rossi and Luca Sabattini of the Democratic Party, Gabriele Delmonte of the Lega, Federico Amico and Igor Taruffi of Er Coraggiosa, Michele Barcaiuolo of Fratelli d’Italia, Valentina Castaldini of Forza Italia, Stefania Bondavalli of Lista Bonaccini, Marco Mastacchi of Rete Civica and Silvia Zamboni of Green Europe.

This renews the commitment of the Legislative Assembly which, for over thirty years, has supported the right to self-determination of the Saharawi people who live in refugee camps awaiting a referendum requested by the UN for its independence. The war, which lasted 16 years with Morocco, ended in 1991, but the conflict never stopped and, indeed, intensified in November last year. Over the years, the Assembly has approved numerous acts of political direction both to support the cooperation initiatives carried out by regional bodies and associations in favor of the Saharawi people, and to protect their fundamental rights.

The Friendship Intergroup was set up in 2015 precisely to raise awareness of the Sahrawi cause and is part of the regional law on “Interventions for cooperation with developing countries”. To date, some Intergroup advisers have carried out three missions in the African desert to monitor the cooperation work.

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