SADR claims a seat at the UN as a member state

Algiers, April 5, 2021 (SPS) -. The Saharawi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Salem Uld Salek, claimed this Monday, in Algiers, the full accession of the Democratic Saharawi Arab Republic to the United Nations, as a member state.

“The Saharawi State claims a seat at the United Nations because Morocco, which is putting obstacles to holding a referendum on self-determination, is convinced that the Saharawi people are unanimous in their right to independence and sovereignty over their country and over the territory of their ancestors, “said Uld Salek.

At a press conference held today at the headquarters of the Saharawi embassy in Algeria, he said that “the November 13 aggression was the last straw and put the conflict in Western Sahara back at the starting point”.

The head of Saharawi diplomacy condemned French support for the Moroccan occupation and asked France to refrain from obstructing the peace process and to play a role that honors its presence on the security and defense of human rights council.

He regretted that French support for the Moroccan occupation had aborted any solution between the parties and prevented MINURSO from taking responsibility for monitoring human rights to at least alleviate the suffering of Saharawis in occupied cities exposed to the most brutal methods, oppression and torture , as is the case with the situation of political prisoners in Moroccan prisons and many Saharawi families, as is the case with the families of Sultana Khaya and Haddi.

Had it not been for the “French obstruction” – said the minister – “the decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Communities would have been carried out by the European Union to prevent the plundering and theft of Saharawi natural resources”.

“It is time for France to stop supporting blindly the Moroccan occupation and to contribute to the restoration of peace and stability in North-West Africa, without this desired atmosphere of peace, cooperation, development and economic or political integration cannot be talked about,” the minister added.

ULD Salek expressed the permanent willingness of the Saharawi side to cooperate strongly with the United Nations to fulfill its unequivocal obligations towards the Saharawi people, so that they can exercise their inalienable right to self-determination and independence, like all the peoples of the world.

At the African level, he reiterated SADR’s willingness to cooperate with the African Union Peace and Security Council to begin implementing its latest decision and the decisions of the extraordinary summit on the silencing of arms.