Saharawi ativist abducted, sexually harrased and threatend by Moroccan ocupation forces

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PUSL.- Malainine Massik, a young saharawi active in the saharawi unemployment movement, held a peaceful demonstration last Friday 2nd of April in El Aaiun, when he was abducted by the Moroccan occuaption police which ill-treated, sexually harrased and threatend him.

As can be seen in the video Mr. Massik was holding a sign calling for justice for his brothers case. Massik is demanding for several years an investatigation into to the death of Mohamed Ali Massik who was victim of intentational medical neglect in September 2016.

After half an hour after Massil starte his peaceful protest, Moroccan occupation police in civil clothing arrived and forcefully put him into in a police car.

Mr. Massik was victim of insults, threats, sexual harrasment and brutal search. For over half an hour Mr. Massik was “interrogated” by the police.

Mr. Malainine Massik has been threatned not only with rape but also with a false criminal accusation. The moroccan occupation agents said clearly that they would fabricate false evidence and a false criminal case against him if he wouldn’t stop to protest and continued to his activities related to the investigation of his brothers death and the unemployment movement.

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