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By Jean-Paul Lecoq*,- Ten days before the discussions in the United Nations Security Council for the renewal of the United Nations Mission for the organization of a referendum in Western Sahara, Minurso, we learn that the party of Emmanuel Macron has decided “to celebrate the five years since the birth of the movement “En Marche”  to open a branch in Dakhla, indicating that it is located in the“ Southern Provinces ”of Morocco.

However, Dakhla is a city in Western Sahara which has been occupied by Morocco for more than 40 years as indicated by international law and more than forty United Nations resolutions!

This choice against international law by the presidential party is in line with Donald Trump’s choice, although it is even worse, since it is made in a creepy and underhand manner.

Funny way to celebrate an anniversary by sullying United Nations resolutions! Because there are no words harsh enough to qualify these violations of international law, even though Saharawi political prisoners are been tortured for a decade for their fight for freedom, and that the United Nations Committee against Torture has condemned Morocco twice for having repeatedly tortured Saharawi prisoners.

Rather than wiping their feet on international law and adding fuel to the fire by fueling tensions in the Maghreb, the presidential party and Emmanuel Macron, its leader, would do better to look at the suffering of the Saharawi people and on questions of Peace.

Shame on those who despise the right of peoples to self-determination!

Shame on those who sell off international law for electoral interests on the eve of local and national elections!

Shame on those who use international conflicts to increase their popularity at half mast: Netanyahu, Trump and Macron, same fight?






* Jean-Paul Lecoq
Deputy of the French Communist Party