World Press Freedom Day: “Being a journalist in occupied Western Sahara”

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PUSL.- The United Nations, in one of its first general assemblies, affirmed that: “Freedom of information is a fundamental right and … the cornerstone of all the freedoms to which the United Nations is consecrated”.

In the occupied territories of Western Sahara this right, like many others, is not respected by Morocco, attacking, torturing and imprisoning the Sahrawis who, putting their own lives at risk, work so that the struggle for the freedom of their people does not fall into oblivion, denouncing the abuses to which they are subjected by the illegal occupier.

Morocco applies this information blockade not to Sahrawi journalists, but also the international media is banned from their work in the area and entry into the occupied territory is allowed for those who receive authorization from the Ministry of the Interior with the prior commitment to comply with the requirements demanded and desired by the regime.