CODESA.- Moroccan occupation forces put an end to the abductin and torture of “Babouzaid Mohamed Said Leboihi”, president of the collective of Sahrawi Human Rights Defenders CODESA, and his two companions “throwing” them out of the urban area, some 60 km away. South of the busy city of El Aaiun.

The three abductees confirmed in recorded testimonies that they had been subjected to physical and verbal torture after more than 70 masked men from the Moroccan occupation forces attacked their rooms on the two upper floors of the “Sidi Ibrahim Khaya” family house, where they were blindfolded and put on plastic handcuffs and tortured with great violence as shown by the marks on their bodies.

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The Sahrawi human rights defender, “Babouzid Muhammad Said Leboihi”, stated that he and his companions were subjected to abduction, torture and various degrading practices after being attacked inside the house of the family of “Sidi Ibrahim Khaya”, who has been besieged for more than five months. Family members of the 84-year-old mother, “Matu Abirik Al Najem”, and her two human rights activist daughters, “Sultana Sidi Ibrahim Khaya” and “Ouarra Sidi Ibrahim Khaya” were subjected to beatings, abuse and a series of of humiliating practices.

He added that he and his companions were forcibly taken from the house blindfolded and handcuffed and into a car, where they were subjected to physical and verbal torture before being transferred to an unknown location.

After two hours of travel and being mistreated and humiliated, they were forced to abandon the vehicle.

In an inspection of the Saharawi Civil Protection Committee (the functional committee of the Sahrawi human rights defenders collective in Western Sahara), they confirmed the effects of torture, which are still visible on the bodies of the three abducted Sahrawi, issuing the following injury report:

1- The Saharawi human rights defender “Babouzid Mohamed Said Leboihi” was injured in the knees, right shoulder, back and hands as a result of plastic handcuffs and other different injuries.

2- The student and Saharawi political ex-prisoner, “Salek Mohamed Salek Babir”, was injured at the level of the right eye, the right side of the abdomen and the hands, as a result of plastic handcuffs, and other injuries.

3- The Saharawi student, “Khaled Husein Lahcen Boufraywa”, was injured in the right eye, right ear and hands as a result of plastic handcuffs and various other injuries.

El Aaiun / Western Sahara occupied on: May 10, 2021

The executive office of the collective of Sahrawi defenders on human rights in Western Sahara, CODESA

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