NGO’s denounce war crimes committed by Morocco against the Sahrawi civilian population



Since last November 2020, we have observed with concern the increase in repression and harassment against Sahrawi activists in the areas of Western Sahara occupied by Morocco.

In its day we highlighted that the context of the war that devastates the territory, as well as the absence of a permanent mission of observation of Human Rights and of journalists who can document the events in Western Sahara, were the perfect breeding ground for the perpetration with impunity of serious attacks against the civilian population.

We have also denounced that the repression focuses on the bodies of women human rights defenders, they are the main victims of the savage actions carried out by the occupation forces of the Moroccan army and the paramilitaries that accompany them.

In recent months we have registered hundreds of acts of repression, mainly house searches, physical attacks, torture, intimidation, arbitrary detentions, coercion and a myriad of war crimes, perpetrated by the Kingdom of Morocco against the Sahrawi civilian population in general. and especially against women who legitimately claim the right to self-determination of their People.

In the early morning of May 12, 2021, a group of Moroccan paramilitaries and non-uniformed security forces have once again assaulted the family home of the Khaya sisters in the city of Bojador. The assault took place around 5:30 a.m. and lasted about half an hour. According to the victims, the assailants violently attacked the entire family, who were sleeping, and especially attacked the women, whom they raped with sticks and tubes.

Like the Khaya sisters, in El Aaiun the Saharawi activists Mina Baali and Mahfouda Lefkir have been arrested without cause for months at their homes, suffering a permanent siege with a huge police deployment that prevents them from being visited by their relatives.

We are particularly concerned about the situation of Mina Baali and her underage son, who has not been heard from since May 9. Her home was broken into and she currently has no access to electricity nor can she establish a connection abroad. Her husband, the also activist Hassana Duihi, has denounced that the Moroccan occupation forces prevent him from accessing her home and reuniting with his family.

We also denounce the unjustified imprisonment of the Saharawi activist Omsad Zawi on May 9, who was arrested after waving the flag of the Saharawi Republic on the roof of her house in solidarity with Sultana Khaya.

These events occur before the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO), which, as happened with the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda during the genocide of that People, remains outside and without reporting the serious war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Kingdom of Morocco on the Saharawi civilian population.

For all,

WE DENOUNCE the war crimes committed by the Kingdom of Morocco against the Saharawi civilian population, and DEMAND the Government of Spain in its capacity as Administering Power of the territory of Western Sahara that, in application of art. 73 of the United Nations Charter, proceed to protect the Saharawi civilian population under Moroccan occupation.

In Madrid, May 13, 2021