The President of the Saharawi Republic Brahim Gali returns to Algeria

PUSL.- The President of the Saharawi Republic Brahim Gali returned to Algeria this morning after being treated by Covid in Spain.

According to a statement made public today by the Permanent Office of the POLISARIO Front, the President of the Saharawi Republic has returned to Algeria after having improved his state of health, where he will continue the process of his treatment until his full recovery.

President Gali was visited by his Algerian counterpart, Abdelmayid Tebún, who congratulated him on his “voluntary appearance before the Spanish justice, giving an image to the world that the Saharawi Republic is the Republic of truth and law”. Tebún was accompanied by the Chief of the General Staff.

The Saharawi president stated that his physical and psychological conditions are improving. “I’m recovering” he declared from the Algerian hospital where he is staying after his departure from Spain.

Gali spent more than forty days hospitalized for coronavirus and some complications in his health condition at the San Pedro de Logroño hospital, in Spain.