Statement by POLISARIO FRONT on the conviction of Morocco by the European Parliament

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Representation for Europe and the European Union

PRESS RELEASE (Unofficial translation)

“The Polisario Front wants the decision taken today by the European Parliament to commit the European Union to a clear break with complacency and impunity in relation to Morocco.

Today, the European Parliament has just adopted an important resolution on the Moroccan kingdom, as it expresses a clear rejection of the practices of this regime that has just used minors as a political weapon against Spain and to threaten its borders.

The European Parliament also reaffirms its position on the conflict between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Saharawi Republic, that a large part of the territory is still being occupied, and considers that the resolution of that conflict can only be conceived within the scope of law and in accordance with UN resolutions.

The Polisario Front Representation for Europe and the European Union notes with satisfaction this important resolution that puts the European Parliament in line with international law, reminding Morocco of the international responsibilities that have clearly failed.

Respect for international conventions, the inviolability of international borders and respect for the integrity of States were strongly recalled in this resolution. Also in this spirit, the Polisario Front hopes that, with this decision, the European Union will definitively break with impunity and complacency in relation to Morocco.

In so doing, the European Parliament demonstrates to European and international opinion about the irresponsible and opportunistic character of the Moroccan government, aspects that the Representatives of the people of Western Sahara have never failed to remind the whole world about since Morocco militarily invaded our country, with all that this entails in the most basic situations of cruelty, crimes and violations of human rights.

The violation of the ceasefire by Morocco which led to the resumption of war in Western Sahara, the blackmail of Spain and the European Union by the most detestable procedures, are further proof of this. The EU must assume its responsibility and help bring Morocco back to reason by demanding that it strictly respect its international commitments and international law.

If Morocco wants to be considered a State that is part of the Commonwealth of Nations and not a State that places itself above international law, it must limit itself to its national borders and, consequently, stop occupying Western Sahara and threaten the borders of its own neighbors.

The Polisario Front, as far as it is concerned, will never cease to claim the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination and independence and intends to ensure their respect by all the legitimate means at their disposal. This is its responsibility and its reason for being as a national liberation movement, recognized as such by the UN.