In its conflict with the European Union, Morocco benefits from yet another scandalous statement by the outgoing President of the Pan-African Parliament

Said Brahim EjoumanI
Member of the Pan-African Parliament
Coordinator of the members of the Saharawi Group of the African Parliament

The official Moroccan news agency MAP and other media of the Moroccan occupation regime reported yesterday in a statement that the African Parliament asked the European Parliament not to get involved in the crisis between the Kingdom of Morocco and Spain. Furthermore, he added that the Pan-African Parliament congratulated Morocco for its alleged efforts in managing the migration file in Africa.

After we, the group of Saharawi parliamentarians of the African Parliament, were informed of the alleged letter, it became clear to us that it was a false letter with the seal of the official Pan-African Parliament and signed in the name of a former president of the African Parliament, whose term expired in April 2020, and since that date has represented only himself.

Consequently, we would like to inform Saharawi and international public opinion that the alleged message does not represent the African Parliament in any way, and we would like to point out that the author of this “rude falsehood”, the so-called Roger Nkodu Dang, who poses as a representative of the African Parliament, is a person who is not a goodwill ambassador to the African Parliament as he claims to be. Currently, he has no position in the Pan-African Parliament that would allow him to speak on behalf of this institution, and this statement was not released by the Pan-African Parliament. This is his personal statement issued without reference to Parliament and without his authorization.

This deputy is known in African parliamentary circles for his involvement in corruption, especially in Moroccan propaganda activities, which for years served on the colonial agenda of the African continent.

In this particular context, it should be noted that this person was not even able to obtain his region’s candidacy for the position of Vice President of the African Parliament. It was clear to all that he is working closely with the Moroccan occupation regime to support African candidates loyal to Rabat, which generously funds them so that they can travel to African capitals to advertise among some of the candidates through whom Rabat wishes to control the African Parliament.

African parliamentarians revealed these intentions during the last session and suspended the elections for the presidency of the African Parliament, which were aimed at trying to circumvent the principle of rotation of the office of President in Parliament between different regions.

In addition, the African Union has witnessed many illegal acts that could qualify as crimes of corruption for former President of the African Parliament, Cameroonian Nkodu Dang, who is still trying, through such messages and statements, to offer Morocco paid political positions , like this press release that in no way represents the African Parliament.

Thus, we would like to warn everyone not to take into account any messages or statements signed by the so-called Roji Nkudu Dang, because he only represents in the African Parliament his own corrupt and bribed person, and because there is no longer any doubt that he works clearly and openly for the services of the Moroccan occupation.

This is further proof of Morocco’s failure within the African continent and its organs, a failure that leads it to resort to fraud and trust in suspicious figures far removed from international bodies.

This outrageous statement, rather than serving the Moroccan agenda, opened the door to further agitation within the African Parliament and to legislative and even criminal processes, as identity theft and forgery are crimes punishable by law.

If Morocco had an ounce of credibility within Africa, it would have found credible personalities as support that naturally came to it, instead of resorting to corrupt people who manufacture counterfeits!

The real achievement of the last session of the African Parliament, held from May 21st to June 4th, 2021, is the well-deserved election of Algeria to the head of the North Africa group, the Saharawi Republic as vice-presidency of the group and Tunisia as reporter.

While Morocco failed to withdraw from the meetings, despite colossal sums wasted in vain to fight against the status of the Saharawi Republic and influence support for the Saharawi just cause on the continent in general and the Pan-African Parliament in particular.

Bir Lehlu, 12 June 2021
The independent Saharawi state is the solution