Esta entrada también está disponible en: Español (Spanish) Português (Portuguese (Portugal)) SP MP Jasper van Dijk has asked the Ministers of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and of Foreign Affairs eight questions about the Pegasus hacking scandal and the Moroccan involvement in that scandal. In the Netherlands too, there has long been a vote in both politicians and NGOs to curb espionage software. Amnesty has repeatedly warned against its misuse by erroneous regimes. With Pegasus the scandal, the software surveillance debate is more topical than ever.

The first four questions were about whether the Netherlands is involved in the case. ‘Have Dutch people been hacked by the Pegasus software and does the Netherlands use that software’ were the core of questions two and three.

Questions 5, 6 and 7 were about Moroccan involvement in the Pegasus scandal. Question seven asks the ministers to review foreign policy vis-à-vis Morocco. The second part of the same question was about whether Morocco is a safe country to which rejected asylum seekers can be returned.