The gesture of honor of the Saharawi people towards the victims of the fires in Algeria “Whatever we do or say, we can never give back a hundredth of what your people have done for us.” This is how the Saharawis expressed themselves, who decided to give moral and material support to the Algerian victims of the fires that devastated thousands of hectares in various wilayas and left nearly two hundred dead.

The Saharawis collected rugs, blankets, clothes and food to send to Algeria, in a natural manifestation of solidarity between the two brother peoples. We don’t have many resources, but we share the few things we have with the Algerians for which we have great respect”, expressed the Saharawis who did not hesitate to deprive themselves of the help they receive from international institutions to offer it” to people who have always been with us and never, abandoned us in the most difficult moments and who welcome us in their soil to save us from Moroccan barbarism”, they said.

“Algeria is very moved by this gesture of honor and it is with great pleasure and great emotion that it will receive this symbolic help, which is, in our eyes, as important as all those given to us by friendly countries, such as Kuwait, which provided us with fire extinguishing vehicles and from Russia, from which the Ministry of National Defense is preparing to receive six large Beriev Be-200 water bombers in a very short time”, replied an Algerian source.