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The prolonged situation of the Saharawi refugees has become more fragile than ever, as a result of the terrible effects caused by the Covid pandemic, and the new wave of displacement of thousands of civilians caused by the resumption of the war between the two warring parties in Western Sahara. , Morocco and the Polisario Front, in addition to the decrease in the volume of monthly food rations supplied to these refugees by more than 50%, especially during the last five months, due to the total depletion of flour and oil stocks and the minimization of stocks of other staple foods, and the chronic financing gap has increased with high prices on the international market.

The Saharawi Red Crescent expresses its deep concern at the increasing vulnerability of the situation of the Sahrawi refugees and the unprecedented increase in the incidence of malnutrition and anemia among children and women. For children under five, more than a third are chronically malnourished, and more than half are anaemic. For pregnant and lactating women, the anemia rate exceeded 73%, and according to food security indicators, more than 88% of Sahrawi refugees are considered to be in a very vulnerable situation.

Faced with this dangerous situation, the Saharawi Red Crescent urgently appeals to donor countries, UN agencies, international humanitarian organisations, civil society associations and the Saharawi solidarity movement to provide urgent humanitarian aid to Saharawi refugees in order to prevent further deterioration of the fragile situation humanitarian.

On this occasion, the Saharawi Red Crescent commends the generous and continuous support of the host country Algeria to the Saharawi refugees for over 46 years, and highly appreciates the valuable contributions made by donors to these refugees, as well as the efforts of the United Nations agencies, international humanitarian organizations and the solidarity movement.

Sahrawi Red Crescent March 24, 2022