Esta entrada también está disponible en: Español (Spanish) Português (Portuguese (Portugal)) Français (French) .- Reconciliation between Morocco and Spain was achieved at the expense of the Saharawi people and sub-Saharan migrants.

While letting thousands of them pass through the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, as in May 2021, Moroccan police made a disproportionate use of force on Friday 24 June to prevent migrants from crossing the only land border between Africa and Europe. .

Disproportionate force is a euphemism for heightened human suffering. Carnage is a more appropriate adjective. 23 young people of different African nationalities died, dozens more were injured.

The survivors were treated inhumanely, piled on top of each other on the ground, according to images broadcast by the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH).

The images shocked people all over the world. The migrants may have tried to force their way into the Spanish enclave and also injured police officers, as the Moroccan authorities claim, but there is no justification for such human suffering.

Even the explanation put forward, namely that the victims fell off the top of the security fence, does not stand up to scrutiny. Moroccan and sub-Saharan migrants have regularly climbed the same fence for years and there are rarely reports of fatal falls.

In May 2021, over 10,000 migrants invaded Ceuta’s other enclave and the Moroccan police let it happen. A lot has changed in the space of a year, precisely in the relations between Morocco and Spain.

The crisis between the two countries was at its height after the hospitalization in Spain of Polisario leader Brahim Ghali. The Moroccan authorities had then opened the door to migration to force Spain to take the initiative on the issue of Western Sahara. And the blackmail, which has even been denounced by the European Parliament, will eventually bear fruit.


On March 18, a few days after another major assault on Melilla, the two countries announced their reconciliation at the cost of a historic turnaround by Madrid, which broke its neutrality to support the Moroccan autonomy plan.

The counterpart was seen on Friday, June 24, at the gates of Melilla. What happened illustrates both the cynicism of Morocco, ready to do everything to achieve its colonialist project in Western Sahara, and of Europe, anxious to have its borders guarded by others, “without getting its hands dirty”.

“Morocco allows itself to do certain things that would not be acceptable in Spain”, correctly summed up the mayor of the Spanish enclave.

“The main cause of this catastrophe is the migration policy carried out by the European Union in cooperation with Morocco”, said the Moroccan Association for Human Rights.

In addition to this arrangement and the ensuing drama, some reactions heard in Europe are also shocking. Starting with the president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, who completely exonerated his new Moroccan friends.

“The Moroccan gendarmerie had worked in coordination with the Spanish security forces to repel the violent assault that we have witnessed (…) If anyone is responsible for what happened at the border, it is the mafias that traffic human beings”, said Sanchez, without not even a word of regret for lost human lives.

Although European governments have remained silent, the far-right currents are shouting “invasion”. This type of event is a godsend for the racists of Europe.