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Wesatimes .- The Polisario Front officially decided at its seventh ordinary meeting of its National Secretariat to hold its 16th Ordinary General Congress in late December.

The Congress will be organised according to the terms set out in the Polisario Front’s organic law, i.e. in its three-year term.

In this context, Brahim Gali, the current Secretary General, is the candidate with the most options to continue as Secretary General and President of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic.

According to several observers, the most important thing is not the election of a new leadership of the Polisario Front, or whether the next Congress will elect a new leader or Brahim Gali will remain in office, but what position will the Polisario adopt regarding the future of Western Sahara?

The current political situation is very difficult for the Saharawi cause, marked by the war, the stagnation of the peace process due to Moroccan intransigence in negotiating a solution that includes self-determination for the Sahrawi people, and the world situation.

The difficult situation the Saharawis are going through in the refugee camps, the ‘discontent’ among the Saharawi youth and the regional situation, lead to the option of war as the only way out.

In addition to the current impasse in which the UN Resolution Plan finds itself, the Saharawis have another cause for complaint.

Life in the camps has worsened due to the reduction of humanitarian aid because of the ‘global crisis’, the closure of border posts because of the war, and the global economic crisis.

The general feeling among the Saharawis is that Brahim Gali is the only candidate for president, with enormous experience and has the explicit support of the youth after promising them during the previous Congress to end the agony of the ceasefire.

On the management of the Saharawi cause by the current Secretary General of the Polisario Front externally. Gali recently sent a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, which clearly and firmly reflects the Polisario Front’s position.