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PUSL.- You may think that this title is sensationalist and escapes the truth, but unfortunately it is not so.

The European Union has approved a budget of 500 million euros for Morocco to “reinforce its southern border”. This is just weeks after another massacre of migrants in Melilla by Moroccan authorities which received the protestes of multiple human rights NGOs including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. The images that shocked the world were reminiscent of the stacked corpses of a Nazi concentration camp or a 16th century slave market.

Nothing new, since the Moroccan regime is known for its medieval practices of repression not only against migrants, its own citizens but also against the Saharawi population whose territory it occupies in part by maintaining the occupation with savage and barbaric tactics in violation of international law and all the resolutions of the United Nations.

According to reports in the Spanish press this sum of 500 million euros, divided over 5 years, is intended to reinforce the “shield of the borders” for five years. This reinforcement, however, is not only monetary and comes on top of the agreement of the Spanish government PSOE-UP with the Moroccan regime to play the role of police on the “southern border”. The performance of the Moroccan government in its role of “border police” is limited to the slaughter of thousands of migrants in recent decades as was also proved once again by the latest murders of sub-Saharan migrants in Melilla. In addition to these policies and financial incentives for repression at the border, racist immigration laws have been implemented with the presence of the Spanish army in Ceuta and Melilla.

Morocco thus receives an amount which represents an increase of 157 million euros, almost 50 per cent more than in the last period. The aim of this massive increase in the budget is to cover policies ranging from the forced return of migrants trying to reach Europe to police reinforcements at the border.

This after the arrival of the largest number of migrants in Lanzarote last August 12.

Translated for all to understand: each migrant which the Moroccans let “pass” and then “hunt” and take back is a source of income, the “hunters” are paid by the head of each “prey”. Morocco receives money for not letting them pass, threatens the EU and uses the weapon of emigration as a means of blackmail, and when it doesn’t get what it wants, it lets the migrants pass, which it then picks up in order to receive money again. INSANE!

The EU emphasises the so-called “refugee integration and protection projects”, which is an absolute lie and can be verified by anyone who can see the thousands of migrants who are either in the mountains or in the slums in Morocco, victims of all sorts of exploitation and waiting for the Moroccan authorities to tell them to “jump the ditch” or to put themselves in precarious boats. Neither the “ditch-hopping” nor the departure of boats is possible without the “authorisation” and “complicity” of the Moroccan authorities. This is not individual corruption but a state policy and an endemic system continually encouraged and paid for by the EU and NATO.

This budget increase is a further reflection of the implementation of the policy decided at the Madrid summit, imposed by NATO, so the “European coordination” is following the will of western countries and making use of the border countries to give a greater show of force than hitherto.

Morocco, with the ability to let in or stop migrants, is using the lives of human beings at risk for its own political gain and punishing those who are forced to flee their countries due to the expolitation and devastation left by western countries in Africa.

The Kingdom of Morocco, which produces little or nothing except cannabis, and steals the natural resources of Western Sahara, has managed through the exploitation of migrants to blackmail Europe at its pleasure and receive millions that are reinvested in the same crimes.

An endless vicious circle that continues and continues because of the transfer of huge sums of money and without any kind of supervision by the EU.

The European Union, that is, we taxpaying citizens, finance the marginalisation and systematic killing of migrants at the border and the brutal occupation of Western Sahara. I, you, our neighbours, we are all guilty because of our complicit silence. Today as in the past silence and the old phrase, “we can do nothing”, leads to the killing, maiming, and exploitation of human beings.

Sending cans of sardines and kg of rice is not a solution. Sending used clothes is not a solution. We have to put an end to murder policies financed by the EU, which thus assumes the role of the leader of a murder gang, Morocco being the armed arm, the “Sicario” of the EU.

We must put an end to financing and arming Morocco to colonise Western Sahara.

We must put an end to Morocco’s expansionist aggression.