Postponed trial of Saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour (Husein Brahim)

PUSL.- The trial of Lahoucine Amaadour (Saharawi name Husein Bachir Brahim) was adjourned again on 17 September by the Marrakesh Court of First Instance in Morocco.

The trial has now been postponed to next October 22. The young Saharawi political prisoner has been detained since January 17, 2019 without being tried. On 22 October, it will be 9 months and 6 days (279) of arbitrary detention without trial, which is far beyond the deadline set by Moroccan law of 30 days renewable twice.

Three international observers and two family members were present in the courtroom. The remaining family members and Saharawi activists were not admitted to the courtroom, despite this being a public hearing.

The young activist appeared in court dressed in the Saharawi male costume, “Daraa” chanting and shouting slogans for the independence of Western Sahara highlighting the political character of his arrest.

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Saharawi political prisoners of Gdeim Izik group in protest

PUSL.- Several political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group in the prisons of Tiflet, Kenitra, El Arjat and Ait Melloul held a 48-hour hunger strike last 16 and 17 of September.

The detainees 4 detainees detained in Tiflet (Abdallah Abbahah, Mohamed Bourial, Mohamed Lamin Haddi and El Bachir Khaddda) as well as Abdel Jalil Laaroussi detained in El Arjat have been in prolonged isolation for over a year and in some cases for over two years since their transfer from prison on 17 September 2017.

Most prisoners suffer from chronic illness or extreme torture and have no medical care.

The legal process is awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court of Morocco which has to rule on the last judgment of this group, since the second judgment took place due to the annulment of the judgment in military court which according to the Supreme Court did not show sufficient evidence and was based on documents produced by the Moroccan authorities.

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Statement of the family of Abdallah Abbahah, Saharawi political prisoner of the Gdeim Izik group

Family of Abdallah Abbahah – PUSL.- After visiting today Abdallah Abbahah who is in prolonged solitary confinement since his transfer to Tiflet2 prison on 7th May 2018 and according to his wishes we inform that Abdallah Abbahah made a 48h warning hunger strike on September 16 and 17 for the following 5 reasons:

1. None of the Complaints that he presented to the Moroccan Authorities regarding his deplorable incarceration conditions were ever answered. His conditons were also mentioned by the special rapporteur for reprisals (Ms. Ana Racu) of the UN Comittee against Torture

2. Several times blood test were performed on him without him being informed the reason for the blood tests nor ever given any results of these tests. His doctor is not able to visit him despite Interim Measures issued by the UN Comittee against Torture demanding his right to a doctor of his choice

3. Although he has severe health issue no doctor visited him although he repeatedly asked for medical attention and the UN Comittee against Torture issued Interim Measures demanding his right to a doctor of his choice

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Saharawi community participation in France at the L’humanité festival

By Saharawi community in France

The Saharawi community of France participated in the celebrations of the L’humanité festival, which is the largest annual political and cultural event organized by the French Communist Party, on September 13, 14 and 15 in Paris.

At this event, organizations, unions and activists organize workshops that clarify the responsibility of the French government on various national and international social, economic and political issues.

Saharawi participation was through the community associations of Mantes la Jolie and Les Mureaux, with two stands with books and brochures on the history of the Saharawi resistance, to inform readers and visitors about the stages of the Saharawi liberation struggle led by its legitimate representative the Polisario Front.

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PUSL.- The family of Mohamed Bourial informed that the political prisoner of Gdeim Izik group was transferred back to Tiflet2 this tuesday after being 82 days in Bouzakarn since 21st of June.

The Bouzakarn prison management kept all belongings of Mr. Bourial. During his stay in Bouzakarn prison he was in prolonged solitary confinement, as it is the case in Tiflet.

In Tiflet there are four of the Sahrawi political prisoners of the group of Gdeim Izik. El Bachir Khadda, Abdallahi Abbahah , Mohamed Lamin Haddi and Mohamed Bourial.

Tiflet is the prison farther away from El Aaiun and where the ill-treatment and isolation of the Saharawi political prisoners has been a constant.

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Saharawi political prisoner Saadoni arrives home after hours of kidnapping by police

PUSL.- Ali Saadoni arrived home in El Aaiun late yesterday afternoon, after nearly ten hours of kidnapping by Moroccan police.

Yesterday at dawn the Saharawi political prisoner was released after serving a 7-month sentence, leaving the prison he was immediately placed in a police car.

After hours of unknown whereabouts, he arrived home in the late afternoon.

The Moroccan authorities are trying at all costs to avoid demonstrations and welcome receptions to Saharawi political prisoners.

Receptions in front of prisons and on the streets are a clear sign of the non-surrender of the Saharawi people to the occupation.

Ali Saadoni is a well-known Saharawi independence activist who uses nonviolent resistance as a means of protest.

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Ali Saadoni Saharawi political prisoner released and kidnapped

PUSL.- According to our source Ali Saadoni who ended his prison sentence yesterday, was released during the dawn but “disappeared” in front of Bouzakarn prison being put in a car by unknown persons that are suspected to be from the secret police.

The political prisoner has been ill treated and tortured during his entire detention time and his daily medicine for a chronical disease was never given to him.

Mr. Saadoni has visible scars of the ill treatment and torture and it is unclear if the “abduction” was intended just to prevent a reception at the exit of the prison by the saharawi activists or if his health status is so alarming that the Moroccan authorities want to hide him.

Ali Saadoni’s mother, reported that on Monday’s visit on August 5, her son had visible scars on both hands and wrists and was handcuffed. Saadoni told his mother that he has been in total isolation since June 21 when he was transferred at 3 am from El Aaiun prison in occupied Western Sahara to Bouzakarn prison in Morocco.

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Saharawi Delegation at the Avante Festival in Portugal


PUSL.- A delegation from the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (RASD) and the Polisario Front participates in the Avante Festival which takes place on September 6, 7 and 8 in Seixal in Portugal.

The delegation composed of Mohamed Fadel Polisario Front delegate in Portugal and Sidmhamed Ahmed member of the Polisario Front representation in France.

The delegation participates during the three days of the party of the Portuguese Communist Party in political activities, debates, bilateral meetings and has a political and cultural stand.

Visitors to the festival have shown great interest in the current situation of the Saharawi people. The political stand provides written information and recently published editions.

On Sunday at 15:30 there will be a moment of solidarity in the party grounds in the Aveiro area.

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Morocco condemns young Saharawis activists

PUSL.- Young Saharawi activists were sentenced from one year to two and a half years in prison by a Moroccan court in El Aaiun in occupied Western Sahara on false charges.

The judgments were delivered by the El Aaiun Court of Appeal on 4 September. In addition to imprisonment, juveniles will be required to pay a fine of 30,000 dirhams (about 3,000 euros) each as alleged compensation for damage to Moroccan security forces that maintain the illegal occupation of the territory.

The verdict of two years, was given to Ali Mahrouk, Sufian Bougnour, Al-Hafiz Ayyash, El Jalil Bluz and Abderahman Talbi.

Hafez Riahi, Akai Adoueihi, Mohamed Aali El Kori, Erguibi Saidalizid and Salek Boussoula were sentenced to two and a half years.

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Brazil’s Força Sindical supports Saharawi cause

São Paulo, September 3, 2019 (SPS – PUSL) – Representative of the Polisario Front in Brazil, Emboirik Ahmed, was received by Mr. Miguel Torres, president of the “Força Sindical” confederation of Brazilian Trade Unions, at his headquarters in the city of São Paulo , according to a source of the POLISARIO Front Representation in Brazil

At the meeting, both parties discussed the situation in Brazil and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, agreeing to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Brazilian and Saharawi workers.

Ahmed had the opportunity to explain to the president of Força Sindical the most relevant events that shape the political, social and work reality of Western Sahara.

Torres expressed his organization’s solidarity with the Saharawi cause and his willingness to take action to enable greater understanding of the Saharawi process in Brazil.

Força Sindical is one of the biggest trade unions federations of Brazil, with more than 1300 federated unions and several millions of members.

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COAG: “MOROCCO STRENGTHENS ITS LOGISTICS TO INCREASE FRAUDULENT WEST SAHARA FARM EXPORTS TO THE EUROPEAN MARKET” – The coordination of farmers and livestock organizations (COAG) reports that Morocco is strengthening its logistics system to increase fraudulent agricultural exports from Western Sahara to the European market. So much so that one of the world’s leading shipping and container companies, the French CMA CGM, announced on 7 August the launch of a weekly route linking Dajla, in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, with the main Moroccan ports (Agadir – Casablanca – Tangier) and with Algeciras as the gateway to Europe. This announcement has already come true with the departure of the first freighter, the CMA CGM AGADIR, from Dajla on August 22, with goods from the Saharawi territories and which made the relevant stops at the ports of Morocco.

This confirms the warnings made by COAG following the revision of the EU-Morocco trade agreement (approved by the European institutions in early 2019), thus extending the trade advantages of Moroccan exports to the EU to Western Sahara productions. This review sought to accommodate the CJEU decision of December 2016, which declared void the application of this agreement to the territory of Western Sahara, as Morocco and Western Sahara are “two separate and distinct territories”.

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