Opening of consulates in occupied Western Sahara: AU called upon to take urgent measures

Bir Lahlou (Liberated Territories), 20 January 2020 (SPS) – The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) called on the African Union (AU) and its members to take urgent measures to bring African states to reconsider their grave decisions of opening “consulates” in the occupied Sahrawi territories.

The opening by Côte d’Ivoire, the Comoros, Gambia, Guinea and Gabon of consulates in the occupied territories of Western Sahara is a “dangerous act which violates all the principles leading to the creation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), in particular the intangibility of the borders existing at the time of independence in accordance with Article 4 of the Constitutive Act of the African Union,” said the Sahrawi Foreign Ministry in a press release.

Through their unilateral decisions to open consulates in the occupied Western Sahara, these African states have transgressed other African Union principles and objectives, notably its Non-Aggression and Common Defense Pact, added the source.

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Josie Butler: “We will do everything in our power to stop New Zealand from funding war crimes”

PUSL.- Josie Butler from Western Sahara Solidarity Aoteroa (New Zealand) was one of the organisers of the recent protests against the importation of Blood phosphates in New Zealand, in an interview to PUSL Mrs. Butler explained how the activists in New Zealand act in solidarity with the Saharawi People.

Josie Butler, indigenous social justice advocate from New Zealand. Gained notoriety after throwing a dildo at a politician to protest the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Currently an organiser for the Western Sahara Solidarity Aoteroa (New Zealand) group, and has strong ties to numerous other activist groups within New Zealand and abroad.

– How did you get involved in the Western Sahara issue?

A friend told me about the issue in the middle of 2019, and asked if I could help out with some local campaigning. I had never heard of Western Sahara before, so I did some reading. When I found out what was happening I was horrified. I was even more horrified to find out that a New Zealand company was funding such an atrocity. I came across a picture of a sign that Saharawi activists had made, that said ‘New Zealand help us stop the plunder”. I decided to do everything I could to help.

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Letter of protest to CAF against holding the Futsal championship in El Aaiun

H.E. Ahmed Ahmed
President of the Confederation of African Football

The Futsal Africa Cup of Nations Morocco 2020 that will be held from January 28th to Februrary 7th in El Aaiun, capital of occupied Western Sahara is in direct violation of International Law.

Western Sahara is not part of Morocco and therefore the Futsal tournement cannot be hosted in this disputed territory who is in the list of the 4th Committee of the United Nations for descolonization.

We doubt that the CAF is not aware of this situation, but in case that its board ignores the status of the territory we kindly ask to consult the decision of the International Court of 1975, the over 50 resolutions of the United Nations over the last 6 decades, the statements of the African Union and the three recent rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union which reaffirms that “Morocco has no sovereignty over the territory”.

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AFCON – Boycotts and protests against the Futsal Africa Cup of Nations Morocco 2020 to be held in occupied Western Sahara

PUSL.- The Futsal Africa Cup of Nations Morocco 2020 that will be held from January 28th to Februrary 7th in El Aaiun, capital of occupied Western Sahara has been targeted with boycott and protests from South Africa and Algeria.

AFCON decided to ignore article 6 of the Fundamental Principles of Olympism, International Law, International Humanitarian Law and the constitutive act of the African Union in order to allow Moroccot o host the Futsal Africa Cup of Nations in the non autonomious territory of Western Sahara which it illegally occupies since 1975 and which is in the list for descolonizaion of the United Nations 4th Committee.

The South African squad announced that it will not take part in the 2020 African Futsal Cup of Nations (CAN) in El AAiun in Western Sahara from January 28 to February 7.

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Saharawi president urges UN for the closure of the illegal breach in the buffer strip in Guerguerat

PUSL.- In a letter addressed to UN secretary General, the Saharawi president Brahim Ghali urges the UN to take steps for the closure of the illegal breach in the buffer strip in the area of Guerguerat, a clear violation of all agreements signed with the UN and between Polisario Front and Morocco.

Letter to UN secretary General published by Sahara Press Service:

“H.E. Mr António Guterres

Secretary-General of the United Nations

United Nations, New York

Bir Lehlou, 15 January 2020

Your Excellency,

The Frente POLISARIO noted, with surprise and dissatisfaction, the statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on Western Sahara dated 11 January 2020 and the statement given by the Spokesman for the Secretary-General during his daily press briefing on 13 January 2020 regarding the unlawful passing of the so-called “Africa Eco Race” through occupied Western Sahara.

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New Saharawi Government appointed today

PUSL.- The SPS news agency published that President of the Saharawi Arabe Democratic Republic and General Secretary of the Polisario Front, Brahim Gali, issued today a presidential decree in which he appointed the new government, except the minister for defence which was not appointed yet.

The Polisario representatives for France, Spain, Brussels and Latin America were also not appointed yet.

The new government of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic will be headed by Bucharaya Bayun as prime minister.

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Swedish MEPs call for labeling of products from Western Sahara

PUSL.- Charlie Andreas Weimers and Jessica Stegrud, two Swedish MEPs of theSweden Democrats Party demand to label products originating in the Western Sahara. The two Swedish MEPs raised the matter in a written question addressed to the European Commission on January 14.

Recalling the the decision of November 12, 2019 of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) validating the labeling of products from Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the Golan Heights in Syria exported to the Twenty-eight market the swedish MEPs ask:

“In the light of this court decision, does the Commission intend to ensure that origin labels are imposed for food produced in occupied territories such as Northern Cyprus and Western Sahara?

They also asked whether Brussels plans to apply the measure only to Israel or whether it intends to extend it to Morocco and Turkey.

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Human Rights Watch World Report 2020 – Western Sahara


While there remained some space to criticize the government in Morocco-provided that any harsh criticism avoided the monarchy and other “red lines”-authorities continued to selectively target, prosecute, jail, and harass critics, and enforce various repressive laws, notably pertaining to individual liberties.

Western Sahara

The United Nations-sponsored process of negotiations between Morocco and the Polisario Front on self-determination for the Western Sahara, most of which is under de facto Moroccan control, remained stalled after the resignation in May of Horst Kohler, the envoy of the UN secretary-general. Kohler had not been replaced at time of writing. Morocco proposes a measure of autonomy under its rule but rejects a referendum on independence.

Moroccan authorities systematically prevent gatherings in the Western Sahara supporting Sahrawi self-determination, obstruct the work of some local human rights nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), including by blocking their legal registration, and on occasion beat activists and journalists in their custody and on the streets.

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Western Sahara: President Ghali appoints Bouchraya Hamoudi Beyoun Prime Minister– The President of the Sahrawi Republic, Mr. Brahim Ghali, appointed on Monday, the member of the national secretariat of the Polisario Front, Mr. Bouchraya Hamoudi Beyoun, Prime Minister thus succeeding to Mr. Mohamed El-Ouali Akeik, according to a press release from the Sahrawi presidency.

In a press release published by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, according to the Sahrawi press agency SPS, “Bahim Ghali, President of the Republic, received, on Monday January 13, 2020, at the seat of the Presidency of the Republic, the member of the National Secretariat of the Polisario Front, Mohamed El-Ouali Akeik, who thanked him for his efforts and dedication to the exercise of his functions during his mandate as Prime Minister of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. He terminated his functions in accordance with the text of article 53 of the SADR “.

According to the same constitutional text, adds SPS, President Ghali received on the same day the member of the National Secretariat of the Front and Minister of Education, Bouchraya Hamoudi Beyoun and appointed him Prime Minister and charged him with training his team. government in accordance with article 64 of the Constitution”.

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“Africa Eco Race” Rally accepts Saharawi conditions and crosses the territory with Western Sahara flags

La Realidad Saharaui Newspaper / DLRS, Monday 13 January 2010.- The Saharawi information portal Nuchatta in its January 13 edition informes that the Rally Africa Eco Race has accepted the measures demanded by the Saharawi population that has congregated since Saturday at the Saharawi border crossing with Mauritania, El Guerguerat. After the meeting with Saharawi activists, the race has been able to cross the territory carrying flags of the Saharawi Republic.

The source indicates that on Sunday the Moroccan occupation authorities sent several off-road cars to the area with the aim of assaulting Saharawi activists and expelling them. This is shown in a video that documents an attempt by two vehicles with Moroccan license plates, which were trying to force the road open. But Sahrawi activists prevented it and expelled Moroccan agents in the presence of a MINURSO patrol.

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Alternative Nobel Prize and Rafto prize beaten in El Aaiun by Moroccan authorities

PUSL.- On Saturday 11 January 2020, Aminetu Haidar Saharawi human rights activist recently awarded with the Alternative Nobel Prize and Saharawi activist Mohamed Dadach – RAFTO human rights prize were beaten in El Aaiun, occupied territories of Western Sahara, by law enforcement officials of the Moroccan occupation regime.

The activists were beaten as they intended to enter the house of Ghalia Djimi and Dafa Ahmed, Saharawi human rights activists, where a meeting was to be held at 2 pm to review the recent Congress of the Polisario Front held last month in the liberated territories of Western Sahara.

By the time of the assault, more than a dozen activists were already inside the house.

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