Two young Saharawi students from the Marrakesh group released after trial


Two of the Saharawi students detained in the Marrakesh prison who had been detained in June 2016 were released last October.

Mustafa Hmaidat, a student in Agadir was released on 6 October and Laghdaf Lakan, a student in Marrakech on 20 October.

Details of the case can be found in the report published by our collaborator Isabel Lourenço, member of the Western Sahara Foundation (see here).

We remind that the remaining Sahrawi students of this group were detained for almost 18 months before being sentenced on 6 July this year with 5, 10-year sentences (Abdelmaoula Elhafidi, Aziz Elwahidi, Elbbar Elkntawi, Mohamed Dada and Mohamed Saakouk) and the remaining students with 3 years in prison.

The two students now released were not convicted at that trial since they had been detained at a later date as their comrades.

This group is known as “Companions of El Ouali”, a young student murdered by the Moroccan authorities.

The 17 students were charged with causing the premeditated death of a civilian, destroying real estate and encouraging the destruction of property and real estate.

The young people were detained after their participation in Saharawi student demonstrations.

This process was not different from other cases against Saharawi activists, and there was no evidence of any action by the accused other than confessions and statements which were written by the authorities and signed after ill-treatment and torture.

Porunsaharalibre has been following this process since the arrest of the first group, the report published by Isabel Lourenço, is based on direct interviews with Sahrawi associations and media, family members of students and international observers who went to trial.

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