Abdallahi Abbahah’s family denounces torture

La familia del preso político saharaui Abdallahi Abbahah denuncia tortura

The family of the political prisoner Abdallahi Abbahah denounced today the torture that this Saharawi activist has been submitted to since 4 December.

Ten days ago Sidi Abdallahi Abbahah and Ahmed Sbaai, two of Gdeim Izik’s detainees detained in Kenitra prison, Morocco, were placed in total isolation.

The family of Abdallahi Abbahah spoke to him today after his release from isolation and denounced the torture this political prisoner, condemned to life imprisonment was subjected to.

The place where he was in isolation for ten days was a toilet, infested and with excrement, a tiny place with the lights on day and night.

The guards continually insulted and humiliated him, he suffered threats and psychological torture.

Since the 4th of December he has been on an open hunger strike.

His health situation is very serious, and his eyes are inflamed and continually tearing due to continuous exposure to light. Read more

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