Ahmed Sbaai transferred to Bouzakarn prison

Following the news of the beginning of this afternoon we have updated the information, Ahmed Sbaai was transferred to Bouzakarn Prison at 04:00 am when Kenitra prison guards took him out of his cell without telling him his destination.

According to information from the Families of the Prisoners Committee this transfer was carried out due to Ahmed Sbaai’s request to see his father who could not visit him in Kenitra.

Mohamed Tahlil political prisoner who until now was the only one of this group in that prison and Khouna Babeit who was temporarily transferred to Bouzakarn to take the university exams are is joined by Ahmed Sbaai.

The prison administration however informed that Sbaai could not contact the other detainees of this group in the prison .

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Ahmed Sbaai Saharawi political prisoner transferred to unknown location

At 04:00 today, the Sahrawi political prisoner of the group of Gdeim Izik, Mr. Ahmed Sbaai, was taken by the guards of the Kenitra prison to an unknown location.

Neither Mr. Sbaai’s attorneys nor his relatives were informed of his whereabouts.

Ahmed Sbaai suffers from heart problems and asthma. From 4 to 13 December 2017 Mr. Sbaai was put in a space that served as WC, a 1x2m for ten days with the lights on 24 hours/24hours, mistreated and without medical care despite repeated asthma attacks.

Mr. Abdallahi Abbahah, another prisoner of this group, was in the same conditions in an identical space.

The transfer of political prisoners from the Gdeim Izik group has been a constant in order to divide the group and break the spirit of these human rights activists. Read more

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