Political prisoners Banga and Toubali transferred to Bouzakarn

The political prisoners of the group of Gdeim Izik, Cheikh Banga and Abdallahi Toubali were transferred today from the prisons of Kenitra and Tiflet 1 to the prison of Bouzakarn.

The transfer occurred without prior notice, nor were the family members or lawyers of the prisoners informed.

The two Saharawi activists arrived in Bouzakarn prison late this afternoon. Read more

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Saharawi student trial has started

The appeal process of the Saharawi students known as Grup Companions of El Uali began today in the court of second instance in Matraquexe.

All students were present, as were defense lawyers Mohamed Fadel Leil, Bazid Zehmad and Laazouzi Abdrazak.

These young activists reaffirmed their status as political prisoners chanting slogans for self-determination.

The next session of this trial is scheduled for April 10, at which time the students will be heard.

Several International observers were in court today and Saharawi families and students once again supported these young people in a demonstration in front of the court demanding justice and the release of all prisoners. Read more

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Morocco puts Gdeim Izik prisoners in life danger

On the 9th of March, 8 Saharawi political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik group in Ait Melloul and Kenitra prisons entered a hunger strike demanding the respect of their basic rights.

On the 8th of March the prison directors of both penitentiaries informed the prisoners that they had a “note de service” an official memo saying that if they would begin a hunger strike they would be put in isolation.

In Ait Melloul prison Sidahmed Lemjeyid and Mbarek Lefkir suspended their hunger strike on the 12th of March after the threats issued by the prison director.

According to information of the families, Mohamed Bani and Brahim Ismaili were put in isolation on the 12th of March without drinkable water, the isolation cells are known as “coffins” and have no windows, the prisoners have to sleep on the floor.

The daughter of Mr. Ismaili denounced that the Regional Director of the Prisons of Agadir and the Prison Director of Ait Melloul 2 told Mr. Ismaili that if he would fall into a coma they would give him an injection to get rid of him definitively and put an end to the troubles.

At 8am of the 9th of March, Sidi Abdallahi Abbahah, El Bachir Boutanguiza, Mohamed Bourial and Abdallahi Lakfawni were brought to isolation cells in Kenitra since they started the hunger strike. Read more

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