Relatives of Gdeim Izik’s political prisoners appeal to SG of the UN

The relatives of the political prisoners of Gdeim Izik appealed today to António Guterres, SG of the United Nations to intervene in favor of these Saharawi activists, whose elementary rights are violated daily.

Continuing tortures, random transfers from jail, isolation, medical malpractice are just some of the aspects focused on this appeal.

The families also alert to the prisoners who are currently on hunger strike and have been put in isolation as a punitive measure, a clear violation of the most elementary rights.

The families denounce the lack of dialogue on the part of the Moroccan authorities despite the numerous complaints presented by detainees and relatives. Read more

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Invasion of pirate ships in occupied Western Sahara .- Soon at least 200.000 tones of phosphates will be shipped outside of Western Sahara, worth more than $25 million. There is no information regarding the consent of landowners, The Saharwis, on the selling of this phosphate by OCP a Moroccan company. The absence of consultation and consent of the Sahrawi people makes this operation illegal. The first 50,000 tones of phosphate are currently loaded into the Bulk Carrier Triton Swan moored at dock. 4 other bulk carriers are waiting at anchor south of the port.

The 4 bulk carriers in question are as follows, detailed by the order of their arrival off El Aaiun.

Triton Swan, IMO 9632985, sails under a Panama flag, its dead weight is 61457 tones, arrived on February 15th coming from Fos sur mer (France) after calling at Gibraltar. According to available information it is owned by Triton Navigation – Amsterdam, Netherlands.

African Sunbird, IMO 9397884, sails under a Panama flag, its dead weight is 55688 tones,

Rotterdam (Pays-Bas) arrived on February 22 coming from de Rotterdam (Netherlands) after calling at Las Palmas (Spain) his owner seems to be Misuga Kaiun – Tokyo, Japan.

Ultra Passion, IMO 9811907, sails under a Panama flag, its dead weight is 63472 tones it arrived on February 27th coming from Oran (Algeria) Via Las Palmas. His owner is Ultrabulk A/S, Denmark.

Zeyno 9700421, sails under a Malta flag. its dead weight is 63064 tones. It arrived February 27th coming from Fos sur mer (France). His owner is Gsd Denizcilik Gayrimenkul, Turkey.

Bi Jia Shan, IMO 9632272, , sails under a Hong Kong flag . Its dead weight is 56625 tones. It arrived on March 14th coming from Civitavecchia (Italy) via Las Palmas. Its owner and operator is China Shipping International Ship management Co, Shanghai, China. Read more

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