Horst Köhler  in El Aaiun for a four-day visit

Horst Köhleryabiladi.com-. Horst Köhler plans to visit El Aaiun in the first week of April. The UN Secretary-General’s personal envoy to Western Sahara will be visiting for four days.

At MINURSO headquarters, preparations for the German mediator have already begun, including painting of the headquarters.

During his stay, the personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General plans to tour, by plane, the four Team Site of MINURSO installed in the region. In El Aaiun, Köhler should also meet with representatives of pro-Polisario associations, unionists and Moroccan authorities.

The choice of the timing of the visit is well calculated. Indeed, this date is a few days away from the presentation of a new report by Antonio Guterres on Western Sahara, which reduces the margin of maneuver of Morocco. Read more

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Three hunger strikers of Gdeim Izik group received family visits

Today the mothers of Abdallahi Lakfawni and El Bashir Boutanguiza detained at Kenitra Prison and Brahim Ismaili’s family detained at Ait-Melloul Prison 2 were allowed to visit the prisoners who are on their 18 day of hunger strike and in isolation.

These families reported that the prisoner are in an alarming state of health, inability to move, body pain, dificulty to see, frequent nausea, headaches, kidney and stomach ache. According to the families the prisoners are victims of medical neglect.

The prisoners are kept in punishment cells known as kacho or coffin cells infested with insect and vermins without appropriate ventilation and absence of basic hygiene. The cells are cold and humid and the prisoners do not have sufficient blankets.

The prison administration does not allow them to drink bottled water nor are they allowed to add sugar or salt to the tap water. Read more

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