United Nations denies Moroccos statement

At the press conference today, the UN Secretary-General spokeswoman denied the remarks of the Kingdom of Morocco of alleged Polisario Front’s movement in the buffer zone.

The spokesman confirmed that MINURSO did not register any military activity on the part of the Saharawi forces in this area.

Once again Morocco tries to create a confrontation as a method of obstructing the discussion of the United Nations Security Council and tries to blame the Polisario Front for violating the ceasefire agreement. This technique has already been used in the last two years. Read more

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Banga and Tahlil Saharawi political prisoners beaten by prison guards

Cheik Banga and Mohamed Tahlil, Sahrawi political prisoners from Gdeim Izik group, currently detained in Bouzakarn prison were attacked today by prison guards.

The guards began by insulting the Saharawi political prisoners, and when Banga and Tahlil answered, the prison officials beat them.

Insults, humiliations and ill-treatment against Saharawi political prisoners are constant, as is medical negligence and absolute disrespect for the minimum rules of treatment of prisoners established by the United Nations. Read more

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Houses of families of Saharawi political prisoners besieged

On the 24th of the hunger strike of Abdallahi Abbahah, El Bachir Boutanguiza, Abdallahi Lakfawni and Mohamed Bourial, the families placed banners demanding respect for the rights of these political prisoners from the Gdeim Izik Group and their transfer nearer to their families.

Each house of the 4 families was today a stage of demonstration with the placement of the banners and peacefully sit-in in El Aaiun, the capital of occupied Western Sahara.

The occupation authorities keep the houses under tight surveillance and siege.

The prisoners’ health continues to deteriorate and the prison administration has not initiated any dialogue.

The prisoners continue without any visit by nurses or doctors, according to information given by the families who visited them today. Read more

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