The occupation authorities took two Saharawi journalists to the prison in occupied El Aaiún

Occupied Aaiún. (Equipe Media) – On April 1, 2018 the Moroccan occupation authorities, put two Sahrawi journalists in the black prison in occupied El Aaiún; after spending 72 hours in preventive detention inside the police station in the city of occupied Smara.

The false accusations that the occupation authorities fabricate, against both journalists are: attempted murder of a police officer, barricades and humiliating public officials in the performance of their duties. Both journalists – Mohamed Salem Mayara and the photographer Mohamed Aljomayaai – were arrested in a cafe on public street.

The arrest took place a day after the publication of a Saharawi television report showing the Sahrawi protests, the security chaos in the city causing the Moroccan settlers to attack the Sahrawi activists, injuring more than five of them. The report also shows when the activists are transferred to the city hospital, and they are denied medical attention. Read more

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Letter of Condolences Bujari Ahmed Baricala

The team wants to convey the most sincere and heartfelt condolences to the Saharawi people, the leadership of the Polisario Front, the government of SADR and the family of Bujari Ahmed Baricala.

For almost three decades this extraordinary man has carried out the task entrusted to him, in an exemplary and abegenation way, representing the Saharawi people and defending their legitimate interests often in adverse conditions, in a political arena of crucial importance.

A diplomat, a man, a Saharawi whose life was cut before he could see his homeland free, but which helped to leave the foundations and participated in paving the way for this ultimate goal of his people.

Peace to his soul and eternal glory. Read more

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