Morocco deployed powerful rocket launcher – the true face of the occupier

According to an article by Julio Sanz published on the website, the long-range multiple rocket launchers of the Chinese company Norinco PHL 03 of the Royal Army of Morocco are one of its most secret materials.

Images taken by amateurs and published on social networks show the movement of a convoy of multiple rocket launchers or MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) PHLO3 of the Royal Army in the course of its transfer from the north, where they are usually positioned, to the south of the country.

One of the images shows two MLRS circulating on the highway linking Marrakech with the port city of Agadir and a second shows one of the PHL 03 in the latter city before entering the occupied territories of Western Sahara, the former Spanish Sahara, which Morocco invaded in November 1975.

According to the analysis of Sanz, It seems that the Moroccan army is hardening its tone against the Polisario Front’s attempt to install permanent camps in the liberated territories of Western Sahara, sending reinforcements to the territory, as was published by the Algerian media menadefensa. Read more

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