Summary of the security council members interventions


Attached a brief summary of the interventions of the security council members in the meeting on Western Sahara on the 27th April 2018

12 votes in favor
3 abstentions: China, Ethiopia, Russia

United States (vote yes):

We as UNSC have allowed Western Sahara to lapse into a frozen conflict –

Our goal is to send 2 messages: 1) no more business as usual on Western Sahara. 2) full support to Kohler to his efforts. US wants to see progress at last….expect that the parties will return to the table over the next 6 months. Moroccan autonomy plan is ‘serious, realistic and credible’ represents 1 possible approach to resolve the conflict. It would be unfortunate for anyone to pick apart the resolution language for political point scoring.

Quoted John Bolton from his 2008 book: “MINURSO seemed well on its way to acquiring a near perpetual existence…” Read more

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