MEP Lopez alerts to situation of Saharawi student and political prisoner Ouakari Eloifi

PUSL.- Paloma Lopez Bermejo, Spanish MEP from Izquierda Unida and vice-president of the Intergroup for Western Sahara asked the European Commission about the continued medical neglect of Ouakari Eloifi (also spelled Wakari El Wafi), a Saharawi political prisoner of the student group Companions of El Wali.

The critical health situation of Ouakari has been denounced by the family to the Moroccan authorities since 2016 and also by the prisoner himself in the various sessions of the appeal court.

Ouakari needs according to the Moroccan doctor who saw him several month ago, urgent surgery. The medical neglect of the Saharawi prisoners has be denounced over the years and is systematic.

In this group several of the students are in a very dire situation, being this case the most alarming and representing serious possibilities of life endangerment. Read more

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AU: Moroccan delegation excluded from meeting in Addis Abeba ADDIS-ABEBA- The African Union (AU) decided on Saturday to ban the entry of all members of a Moroccan delegation, having tried to break into the meeting of foreign ministers of 15 African states including the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), discussing the consultation around the theme of the institutional reform of the AU, pursuant to resolution 687 of the last summit of Addis Ababa, reports the Saharawi News Agency ( SPS).

The meeting held in Addis Abeba, in the presence of a Saharawi delegation led by the Minister of Water and Environment, Brahim Mokhtar, was delayed by two hours, due to an attempt by the Moroccan delegation to break into the hall, provoking outrage from the delegations present and the leaders of the African Commission.

After the attempt by the African Commission to convince the Moroccan delegation that their country was not invited to this meeting whose consultation concerns only 15 States, in accordance with paragraph 3 of resolution 687, resulting from the Summit of Heads of State and governments in January 2018, Morocco said it is “determined to participate in the meeting alongside the 15 states concerned by the theme of reform, including the SADR”. Read more

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Press Release of Polisario Front on the meeting of the Trade Committee of the European Parliament

Monday 21 May 2018, Brussels

On May 17th, 2018 the Trade committee of the European Parliament held a debate on the state of play of the negotiations with Morocco on the amendment of the protocols on rules of origin under the EU- Morocco Association agreement and Fisheries partnership agreement in relation to Western Sahara.

We value the firm and responsible positions expressed by the members of the Trade committee in defence of the EU and international legality and requesting the EU Commission to abide strictly to the rule of law.

We note with concern the intention outlined during the debate by the Commission representatives to extend both the FTA and FPA with Morocco in order to cover the occupied Western Sahara. It is clear that the envisaged procedures aim to circumvent the rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The Commission representatives showed haughtiness and blatant disregard towards the decisions of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). In an attempt to distort the legal terminology used by the Court, the Commission officials dared to use the Moroccan illegal and unfounded terminology of “the southern provinces” when referring to the territories of Western Sahara occupied by Morocco. A terminology that is in full contradiction with the United Nations’ resolutions and shows contempt of the international status of Western Sahara as a non-self-governing territory subject to a UN-led decolonization process. Moreover, by using such provocative language and adopting the Moroccan occupier’s narrative, the Commission undermines the long-standing EU diplomatic position on Western Sahara. Read more

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President of the SADR receives in Tifariti the credentials of the Ambassador of Zimbabwe

Tifariti (Sahrawi Liberated Territories), May 20, 2018 (SPS)

The President of the Republic received, on Sunday in the liberated town of Tifariti, the new Ambassador Edwin George Mandaza, who handed him copies of his credentials as Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe to the SADR.

This is the third ambassador to present his credentials in the liberated Sahrawi territories after the ambassadors of Namibia and Cuba who presented their letters last March.

The Zimbabwean ambassador told reporters that his country maintains “strong historical relations with the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic” and added that these relations “can not be affected by anything.”

“Despite the distance between our two countries, the struggle for freedom and independence remains a principle that we have adopted for a long time,” said Mr. Mandaza, reiterating Zimbabwe’s support for the Polisario Front in its fight against the ocupation. Read more

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Claude Mangin suspends hunger strike

PUSL.- Claude mangin, french citizen and wife of Saharawi political prisoner Naama Asfari suspended yesterday the hunger strike that started on 17 April.

This 62 years old teacher saw herself obliged to make a hunger strike to make the French authorities put in action the the diplomatic channels in order to be allowed to enter in Morocco to see her husband.

A difficult decision and an action which Mangin resorted to after 4 expulsions in the last two years, period during which she didn’t was allowed to see the spouse.

Yesterday, Claude Mangin suspended the hunger strike since the French government is in negotiations at the highest level with Morocco and MP Jean Paul Lecoq asked on Tuesday in the French national parliament French that Claude suspend the strike.

One of the objectives of the striker was undoubtedly achieved, the French government, the members of the European parliament and hundreds of organizations and personalities appealed to the Moroccan government to allow Claude to visit her husband. Read more

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French Government in support of Claude Mangin, wife of Saharawi political prisoner

PUSL.- After almost a month of the hunger strike of Claude Mangin, wife of the Saharawi activist Naama Asfari, the government and the French president asked Morocco to reconsider the ban on entry of this French citizen into Moroccan territory.

France now asks Morocco to let the French citizen visit her husband, a human rights activist who defends the independence of Western Sahara, and according to official statements by Jean-Yves Le Drian, head of French diplomacy on 15 May, follow “Very close” the hunger strike of Claude Mangin, a 62-year-old teacher.

On Tuesday Jean-Yves Le Drian told the French National Assembly in response to questions from Mr Jean-Paul Lecoq of the PCF that “the Moroccan authorities were contacted several times about Ms. Mangin’s case to allow her to travel to Morocco to visit her husband.

“I spoke several times, not only officially, but also personally with my Moroccan colleague,” said French Foreign Minister. Read more

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Human rights Morocco – Western Sahara: MEPs Express major concern

PUSL.- Tuesday in the European parliament in Brussels during a session of droi (subcommittee for human rights of the European parliament) dedicated to the human rights situation in Morocco and Western Sahara several MEPs expressed their serious concerns about the many violations observed on the ground and denounced at international level.

During an Exchange of views with the President of the Moroccan National Council for human rights (cndh), Driss El yazami, the Galician MEP of BNG, Ana Miranda said that she is “very worried” with the “serious violations” of the rights of Saharawi political prisoners, including the group gdeim izik and forced disappearance of saharauis, of which were recently reported new cases.

Recalling “serious attacks” on fundamental rights of Saharawi prisoners that are “victims of detention in isolation, mistreatment and torture” Miranda asked if Morocco would decide one day to respect the convention against torture and other cruel , inhuman or degrading treatments that the kingdom ratified but so far not implemented in practice.

She denounced as such, the ” unfair trial” of the gdeim izik group and the heavy convictions, lamenting the disregard of their fundamental rights. Read more

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Morocco hides Abdallahi Abbahah Saharawi political prisoner Saharawi

Sidi Abdallahi AbahahSince 7 may, the Saharawi political prisoner Sidi Abdallahi Abbahah has been in an unknown location after being taken by the Moroccan authorities barefoot and without any belongings from the Kenitra prison.

It was thought that he had been transferred to the prison of Tiflet2 as was Mohamed Bourial, another Saharawi political prisoner of the group of Gdeim Izik.

The family and the French lawyer Olfa Ouled have so far been unable to obtain any information from the Moroccan authorities.

Sidi Abdallahi Abbahah was sentenced to life imprisonment in a trial without a minimum of guarantees or respect for legal procedures.

Abdallahi Abbahah denounced the torture he was subjected to for weeks after his arbitrary arrest in November 2010 in El Aaiun following the brutal dismantling of peaceful protest camp Gdeim Izik. Read more

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Portuguese Parliament approves vote on Western Sahara

Portuguese Parliament approved on 11th May a vote of solidarity with the Saharawi people for the respect and concretization of their right to self-determination presented by the Parliamentary Group of the Portuguese Communist Party .

The approved vote affirms that a fair and long lasting solution to the conflict has necessarily to be obtained by putting an end to the illegal occupation of the territories of Western Sahara by the Kingdom of Morocco and its policy of disrespect for the human rights. Read more

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EFF members picketed outside the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco against what the party calls the illegal occupation of Western Sahara EFF vows to remove Morocco from AU. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says the Embassy of Morocco does not belong in South Africa.

EFF members picketed outside the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Pretoria on Thursday, against what the party calls the illegal occupation of Western Sahara.

The party’s secretary-general Godrich Gardee addressed supporters.

“They are oppressing our people. They are the new Europe that is colonizing African people. Their embassy does not belong in the soul of the people of South Africa. The EFF government is going to close this embassy come 2019 elections when we take over from the ANC.”

The Polisario Front in Western Sahara has been fighting for independence from Morocco since 1975.

Party leader Julius Malema was this week sworn in as a member of the Pan-Africanist Parliament, which is the legislative body of the African Union (AU).

Gardee told supporters that Morocco does not belong in the AU. Read more

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SOGAPS – Galicia asks Macron to intervene so that Claude Mangin can visit her husband Naama Asfari

In a letter addressed to the President of the French Republic, Mr Emmanuel Macron, Solidarity Galega Co Pobo Saharaui (SOGAPS-Galicia), calls on presideny Macron to intervene in order for the Moroccan authorities to allow Mrs. Mangin to enter Morocco and visit her husband , the Saharawi political prisoner of the Gdeim Izik Group, Naama Asfari.

Claude decided to go on hunger strike on April 18 so that her right to visit her husband Naama, currently detained in Kenitra prison in Morocco is granted. Read more

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