Young Saharawi between life and death for screaming “Self-determination”

PUSL.-On 28 June, on the first day of the visit of Horst Koehler, Personal Envoy of the United Nations Secretary General for Western Sahara to El Aaiun, the police violently attacked the Saharawi population who took to the streets to leave a clear message to the UN: Maghreb Barra, Labadil Labadil antakrir el Massir – Morocco get out! – there is no other solution than self-determination.

During the crackdown on demonstrators a police car ran over and fatally injured young Ayoub Ali Elghan. According to the witnesses the car pushed the young man against a wall where he was”crushed”. The family reported that in the hospital he was diagnosed with a fractured basin and several other fractures, internal bleeding and head injuries.

On 29 June, the young man who was in and out of a coma and whose situation was very critical, was transferred to a chartered plane to transport him accompanied by his mother to a hospital in Marrakesh outside the occupied territories. The plane had a breakdown and returned to El Aaiun.

Ayoub is in the hospital of El Aaiun and in very serious condition.

The Moroccan authorities fearing the worst filmed Ayoub in the hospital and forced him to say that it was not a police car but a civilian car that had run him down near the houses on Smara Avenue, circulating the video on social networks. (see video 1) Read more

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