Saharawi Political Prisoners scattered over 4 prisons in Morocco

PUSL.- According to information from relatives of the group of students known as Companions of El Uali, Saharawi political prisoners who were sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison, the students will be transferred today to several prisons in Morocco.

The Moroccan authorities will thus disperse the group through the penitentiary centers of Ait Melloul, Tiznit, Bouzakarn and 6 remain for the moment in Oudaya Marrakesh.

Several of the young people are in an alarming health situation, and El Wafi Wakari needs urgent surgery.

More details on the situation of these Saharawi political prisoners can be found in the various articles published by PUSL since their arrest in 2016. (report and articles) Read more

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Koehler’s Press Release

Horst KöhlerPUSL.- After the visit to Western Sahara, the UN Secretary-General’s personal envoy to this territory issued a statement that falls far short of what was expected. Koehler does not seem to want to “annoy” the Moroccan occupant and does not mention that the Saharawi population has gone in mass , demonstrating in the streets making it clear that there is no other solution other than self-determination.

The former president of Germany, former Maastricht treaty negotiator, former trilateral commission member with ties to the Bilderberg group, former IMF chairman, former chairman of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, co-chair of the African Bank for Development and author of the Marshall Plan for Africa, decided in his statement to emphasize the need for a “realistic and compromise” solution that opens the door to foreign investment and job creation in the region. He seemed more concerned with the economy and foreign investment than with the occupation and the machine of repression of the occupier. arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, appropriation of culture, imposition of Moroccan nationality on Saharawis, alteration of Sahrawi names so that they become “Moroccan”, torture, etc., etc. Read more

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