A team of the UPV finds new mass graves in Western Sahara

Naiz.eus.-A research team of the UPV, under the direction of the coroner Paco Etxeberria, has found three new mass graves in the region of Meheris, in Western Sahara.

A forensic investigation team of the UPV / EHU, under the direction of Professor Paco Etxeberria and promoted by Hegoa-Institute of Studies on Development and International Cooperation, has exhumed three new mass graves in the Meheris region, in the liberated territories of the Saharawi Republic.

As reported by the academic institution in a note, the remains found could be traced back to the first months of the Moroccan invasion, since among the objects found next to one the victims were 68 coins for a total value of 689 pesetas of the Spanish era.

The forensic analyzes are carried out in the UPV / EHU and the reports have served the court number 5 of the National Court in the case of violations of human rights to the Saharawi people in 1976 by Morocco. Read more

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El Wafi Wakari saharawi political prisoner needs urgent medical attention and protection of his life

PUSL.- 28 year old, Mr. OUAKARI ELOIFI (also spelled El Wafi Wakari) saharawi political prisoner who was transferred on 4th of July to Ait Melloul prison needs urgent medical attention and protection of his life.

After his transfer Mr. Eloifi was put in a cell with Moroccan violent offenders which poses serious concerns about his physical integrity since he is absolutely incapable of defending himself due to his health condition.

In the same prison are three other saharawi students: Ali Shargui, Hamza Rami and Ahmed Abba Ali from the same group, known as Companions of El Uali who were transferred on the same day, but are in different cell blocks and of which there are no current information.

The families urge the UN and the EU to address the moroccan authorities with the request to join all sahararawi political prisoners currently detained in Ait Melloul.

Mr. Eloifi was detained in January 2016 and since his arrest he has undergone severe ill treatment, beatings, insufficient food intake, psychological and physical distress. Read more

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