One year after, the Saharawi Gdeim Izik political prisoners are still subject to inhuman treatments

By Fito Alvarez Tombo – PUSL

19 of the original 24 Saharawi political prisoners of Gdeim Izik Group remain in prison, with sentences that range from 20 years to life imprisonment and continue to be victims of torture, ill treatment and intentional medical neglect by the Moroccan authorities.

The French defense lawyer of the Gdeim Izik Group, Maître Ouled, is extremely preoccupied with the continues disrespect of the Moroccan authorities with the most basic human rights, as well as the infringements and violations of the national and international law regarding her defendants.

“They have been subjected to sever ill treatment and in some cases torture, as well as extreme medical neglect after their last sentencing on 19th of July 2017 by the court of appeal of Salé, Rabat. Besides the fact that there is still a decision pending from the Cour de cassation and that this trial did not present any evidence of guilt, it is clear that my clients are in some cases in life endangerment due to their health status. We are addressing, with their families, the competent authorities regarding the infringements and violation and will continue to do so. We are just asking for the inherent rights of my clients to be considered as innocent since there is no proof of guilt other than declarations signed under torture, tortures that were never investigated. It is here a question of the right to live which excludes confinement and almost total isolation from the outside world.  An urgent solution has to be found since clearly this situation is not sustainable for much longer.” Read more

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