El Bachir Khadda, saharawi political prisoner victim of harrasment

PUSL.- According to a communiqué of the family, the local prison administration of Tiflet 2 provoked and harassed El Bachir Khadda, Sahrawi political prisoner of thr Gdeim Izik group.

Khadda is denied medical attention since December 2017 and has presented several complaints regarding his detention situation. He is in prolonged solitary confinement for over 9 months, has no medical attention, and has been victim of ill treatment and insults.

His family denounced the latest attempt on the 27th of July of the prison administration to force Mr. Khadda to wear a dirty uniform of the comun prisoners as the condition to be brought to the hospital and receive treatment.

The political prisoner refused defending his right to have clean clothes and wear is own clothes since he is not a comun prisoner.

Mr. Khadda told the family that the prison administration deliberately humiliated him and treated him in a indignified and immoral and that he categorically rejects wearing a dirty uniform to go to the hospital. Read more

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CJEU judgement: EU-Morocco fishery agreement cannot include Western Sahara

PUSL.- The Court of Justice of the European Union  (CJEU) has confirmed in it’s latest ruling published on 19th of July that Morocco has no sovereignty over Western Sahara and therefore the EU’s fisheries agreement with Morocco cannot be applied to the territory.

“it follows from the foregoing considerations that the Partnership Agreement and the 2013 Protocol must be interpreted in accordance with the rules of international law binding on the Union and applicable in the relations between the Union and the Kingdom of Morocco. In this sense, the territory of Western Sahara, and the waters adjacent to the territory, do not fall within the respective territorial scope of this Agreement and Protocol”.

This judgement referes to the case brought by the Frente Polisario against the EU Council over the application of the EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement to Western Sahara in 2014 and confirms the two previous rulings of 21st December 2016 referring to the case presented by Polisario Front  and on 27th February 2018 the case of Western Sahara Campaign against the UK Government that was then referred by the UK High Court to the CJEU. Read more

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