The little saharawi peace ambassadors in Italy

PUSL interviewed Fatimelu Sidi Allal, member of the Polisario Front representation in Italy. The “Little Ambassadors of Peace” project that began in Italy in 1982 (in Tuscany Sesto Fiorentino) has evolved over the years, welcoming more and more children from the Saharawi refugee camps. It is a national project that has expression in several regions and municipalities in Italy and involves the active participation of politicians, associations, religious organizations, volunteers and doctors amongst others.

Fatimelu Sidi Allal began by telling us about the radical gesture of the Saharawi people. The radical gesture that a whole people embraced when it was invaded by Morocco, instead of fleeing to the Atlantic that borders the entire Saharawi coast, where its most populated cities are located, they fled to the desert. Opting for an extreme exile. They were the only people that fled from the coast to the desert to reorganize. This gesture says Fatimelu has today an incredible priceless value, because while entire populations gather to cross the Mediterranean, looking on the other side, for individual and definitive solutions for their lives because of the tragedies they suffer, the Saharawis see the refugee camps in the desert as the place where they belong and where they can be reorganized in order to recover their stolen land. And how do they do it? In an unprecedented way, a non-violent, extremely civil struggle, respecting the resolutions of the United Nations and the African Union. Read more

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