Saharawi activist Sultana Jaya seriously injured after an assassination attempt by Moroccan agents

Source: Diario La Realidad Saharaui, DLRS

El Aaiun / Occupied territories. The activist and human rights defender Sultana Jaya is at home after an assassination attempt committed by a group of police from the Moroccan occupation administration in the Saharawi city of El Aaiun. Several Sahrawi media this Friday have echoed this news. Sultana Jaya last Thursday was participating in the peaceful protests to which the Sahrawi population was summoned by the Saharawi social and human rights movements to denounce the plundering by Morocco of the natural resources of the occupied territories of Western Sahara during the visit of a delegation of the European Commission.

The activist still does not have the strength to speak, she is convalescing in her house. Her sister is the one who attended the Saharawi information activists who visited her today at her home. Her body is clearly full of bruises, due to the blows to which she was subjected in an alley where she was forcibly taken by a group of Moroccan police agents when they were dispersing the Sahrawi protesters on the main avenue of the city, avenue Smara. Read more

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Saharawi journalists sentenced to two years in prison

PUSL.- Mohamed Salem Mayara, reporter and Mohamed Alchomyai image reporter were sentenced to 2 years in prison last September 5, by the court of first instance of El Aaiun capital of the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

The two journalists belong to the “smara news” team, a Saharawi media, broadcasted on social networks to break the silence and media blackout imposed by the Kingdom of Morocco that occupies the territory of Western Sahara illegally through a military presence, with military and police forces that keep the Sahrawi population under a domain of terror, kidnapping, torture and a social, political and economic apartheid, disrespecting the United Nations resolutions.

The two journalists were documenting a peaceful demonstration when they were arrested on 27 March this year.

Victims of torture and ill-treatment they were forced to sign documents drawn up by the Moroccan authorities whose contents they did not know. Read more

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Political prisoners Gdeim Izik: the excuse of sovereignty to justify torture

PUSL.- One year after the confirmation of their sentences Saharawi political prisoners are still tortured in Moroccan jails, pending a new decision of the Moroccan Supreme Court.

Waiting for this decision gives hope to prisoners, families and their support. Indeed, in 2016, the Moroccan political agenda led to the annulment of the judgment of the Military Tribunal considered unfair, unjust and illegal by several NGOs and institutions. In reality, this annulment enabled the Kingdom of Morocco to argue that the prisoners had not exhausted domestic remedies and thus to prevent the application of UN decisions, such as that of the Committee against Torture and the opinion of the Working Group against Arbitrary Detention. Similarly, the separation of powers allows the Kingdom not to release these innocent prisoners in the absence of a judicial decision to that effect.

Only a well-informed reader knows that the Court of Cassation can only be seized of questions of law; it can not go back on the facts. Moreover, in 2016, it referred the case to the Rabat Court of Appeal without concluding that the prisoners were immediately released, while noting that there was no evidence of their guilt other than confessions written by the police and the Royal Gendarmerie. This means that eight years after the first acts of torture to which the prisoners were subjected, no investigation was opened even though that would have led to the conclusion that the minutes were invalid. And so, lead to the release of prisoners. Read more

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