Hmad Hamad: “The rights of our people were kidnapped”

PUSL interviewed the Vice-President of CODAPSO, Mr Hmad Hmad, on the recent visit on 4 September of the European Union delegation to the occupied territories of Western Sahara. The purpose of the visit was to “consult” the population on whether or not it benefited from the EU / Morocco agreements for the exploitation and marketing of natural products and natural resources of this non-autonomous territory occupied militarily since 1975 by Morocco. We recall that the Court of Justice of the European Union in two judgments found that Western Sahara is a separate and distinct territory from Morocco and can not be included in the agreements. A legal victory for the Polisario Front, the legitimate representative of the Saharawi people with international organizations and the UN.

PUSL: What was the purpose of the visit of this EU delegation to the occupied territories?

Hmad: This delegation from the European Union said it wanted to “consult” the Saharawi population on whether or not we had any benefit from the exploitation by Morocco and foreign companies of the vast natural resources of this non-autonomous territory.

A rhetorical question, since the EU is aware that the Saharawi population does not enjoy anything. We denounce daily the various violations of human rights, apartheid in which we live politically, socially and economically, and we must not forget that the Saharawi population is not only in the occupied territories, our families are also in the refugee camps near Tindouf, Algeria, on the other side of the military separation Wall erected by Morocco, they not only do not enjoy anything as have have been dependent on humanitarian aid since 1975. Read more

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