Two young Saharawis enter the headquarters of Minurso

PUSL.- Two young Saharawis succeeded this morning in passing security checkpoints and entering MINURSO headquarters in the occupied city of Smara, Western Sahara.

The two university students Said Abakhaikh and Mohamed Ahmed Taleb had sent a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the serious situation in Western Sahara under illegal occupation by Morocco.

The young people intend to hold a peaceful protest within MINURSO, a UN peace mission to the territory, which does not fulfill its mandate nor does it protect the Saharawi population.

Several activists are concerned that MINURSO will hand the two young people over to the Moroccan authorities as was the case of a group of young people in El Aaiun a few years ago who were tortured by the Moroccan authorities in front of the headquarters of this mission.

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