Gdeim Izik prisoners currently detained in Tiflet 2 are still subject to isolation and inhuman treatment

PUL.- The Saharawi political prisoner Abdallahi Abbahah, of the group of Gdeim Izik, currently held in the Tiflet 2 prison in Morocco, will make a 48 hour protest hunger strike in support of El Bachir Khadda from the same group, who entered an open hunger strike last 18h of September.

According to the information of the family, Abbahah declared that he will make a 48 hour protest hunger strike in support of El Bachir Khadda and also against the daily harassment, ill treatment and prolonged confinement he is subjected to since his transfer over 5 months ago.

The prisoners of Tiflet2, Mohamed Lamin Haddi, Abdallahi Abbahah and El Bachir Khadda have been without meaningfull human contact for months, victims of psychological torture, harassment and ill treatment. They are in cells with the bare minimum necessary, without any means to spend their time, starring at the walls 22 hours or more.

This week the prison guards under strict instructions of the Prison Administration have been “searching” the cell of Mr. Abbahah daily, although he is under prolonged confinement. On one occasion the guards even slammed the door violently against his back so that he fell on the floor.

Inspite the numerous complaints made by the prisoners, the families and their lawyer Maitre Ouled to the prison administration, the general attorney, the CNDH and other Moroccan authorities the treatment of these prisoners has worsened daily.

The family of El Bachir declared that they held the Moroccan Kingdom responsible for the health and life of Khadda who has already made a 33 day long hunger strike this year which has ended after promises from the Moroccan authorities that where not fulfilled (e.g access to a doctor), and is now on the 6th day of a new hunger strike.

The family of Abdallahi Abbahah said that harassment in the jail is worsening. Mr Abbahah has only extremely thin blankets, some clothes and hygiene essentials and did not see any doctor like Khadda.

It clearly seems that the guards aim to provoke the political prisoner so to be able to pretend that the prolonged confinement has a reason and that he is a liability. It has to be clarified that according to Moroccan law prolonged confinement and isolation can not be used as “punishment” but only as a security measure for one month maximum. Since the morrocan authorities never replied to the several complaints sent a few months ago , it is clear however that this isolation is not justified. The same reasoning applies to all other prisoners subject to this prolonged isolation.

El Bachir Khadda was informed that during his hunger strike he would not be allowed any phone calls, only visits , another attempt of further isolation of this prisoner since the families of these prisoners reside in Western Sahara, over 1300km from Tiflet2.

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