Violence of Moroccan settlers against Saharawis encouraged by the occupying power

PUSL.- Brahim Hmad, a Saharawi from the occupied territories of Western Sahara, was brutally attacked by Moroccan settlers on 15 September at 2:30 a.m. in El Aaiun.

These attacks perpetrated by Moroccan settlers against Saharawis have increased in recent years, with total impunity and without prosecution by the occupation authorities or attempts to find the culprits.

The most known case was that of Mohamed Lamin Haidala, a victim of an attack that ended up dying in Moroccan police custody after serious medical neglect and torture on 8th February 2015. The mother has been claiming her son’s body for years, there was no investigation, no autopsy, no funeral.

The Hmad family is known for their activism in defense of human rights. Fadili, one of Brahim’s cousins, was murdered in Dakhla, and the family home burned. Read more

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