Imminent transfer of Bourial Saharawi political prisoner of Gdeim Izik to the prison of death

PUSL.- According to the last information given to PUSL, Mohamed Bourial who is serving a sentence of 30 years will be transfered from Bouzakarn prison to Tiflet1.

Tiflet1 is known as one of the worst prisons in Morocco, where many detainees only get out from there in a coffin, many times referred to the Guantanamo of Morocco.

On May 7th, Bourial was transferred from Kenitra prison to Tiflet2 where he was in prolonged confinement in a block with criminal offenders among them prisoners with psychiatric problems and was attacked by one of these prisoners with a knife.

On 11th of July he was transferred from Tiflet2 prison, almost 1300km away from El Aaiún to Bouzakarn for a period of 60 days but he stayed there 93 days. Read more

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Report of the SG to the Security Council on Western Sahara raises questions

PUSL.- The Polisario Front sent a letter to the President of the United Nations Security Council (CS) with his comments on the report of António Guterres, UN Secretary-General (see here) presented to CS members on 3 October.

The report sent to the SC by the Secretary-General (SG) is intended for discussion prior to the meeting at the end of the month in which the extension of the mandate of MINURSO (United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara) will be decided. In the letter, the Polisario Front reaffirms its readiness to resume negotiations in accordance with United Nations resolutions but points out some concerns regarding the points of the Secretary-General’s report regarding the credibility of impartiality and independence of MINURSO and of the UN itself.

The Polisario Front explains in the letter that it is necessary to analyze the underlying causes of the Guergarat crisis  that have implications for the existing military agreements and the political process.

They also highlight the concern about illegal attempts to “normalize the situation” of the Moroccan military occupation of the occupied territories of Western Sahara. They also address the issue of meetings with the MINURSO Head in any place within the Mission’s defined area of ​​action.

As PUSL has published, there is a concern on the part of Horst Koehler, SG Personal Envoy for Western Sahara, with the “development” and “investments” of the Occupied Territories which is disconcerting in the face of the real situation in this non-autonomous territory and the serious violations of human rights. Read more

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