Mohamed Lamin HADDI Saharawi political prisoner fell into a coma yesterday

PUSL.- The life of the Saharawi prisoners currently held in the Moroccan prison of Tiflet 2 continues to be threatened every day.

Mr. HADDI fell into a coma yesterday, thus suspending, de facto, the hunger strike he had started to protest against his isolation since his transfer in September 2017.

The life of Mr. HADDI and the 3 other prisoners, Mr. ABBAHAH, Mr. KHADDA and Mr. BOURIAL remain in the hands of the administration of the prison of Tilfet, which seems to act with impunity.

M. BOURIAL, as soon as he arrived at Tiflet prison yesterday, was deprived of all his belongings and immediately placed in solitary confinement. His lawyer, Maître OULED, told us that he would continue the hunger strike until death because death could not be worse than Tiflet 2. Read more

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