FUSO report: Torture suffered by the Saharawi population under occupation

PUSL and FUSO .- ​​The Western Sahara Foundation (FUSO), in the course of its work during years of observation and monitoring of human rights, violations and genocide committed against the Saharawi people, understood that a report should be prepared summarizing the torture processes to which this population is subjected to so that it can be understood and evaluated. It was therefore opportune to publish this report, which is supported by the numerous reports and articles of the Foundation and other international organizations, and in collaboration and in accordance with the work that has been carried out with Por un Sahara Libre .org (PUSL).

The report “The torture suffered by the Saharawi population under occupation” is disseminated with the aim of being a work tool, to awaken consciousness and and awareness. Having an accessible and assimilable content for anyone with or without knowledge of human rights or law, enabling a scientific and technical approach to the situation of torture in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, supported and justified by the cases studied and the numerous interviews that ere made. Read more

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Hassan Dah, Saharawi political prisoner placed in isolation has started a hunger strike

PUSL.- Hassan Dah Sahrawi political prisoner from Gdeim Izik’s group, currently in Kenitra prison, was put in isolation yesterday after a family member’s visit and started an open hunger strike.

The political prisoner who is serving a sentence of 25 years claims the right to continue studying and to make his doctorate and protests against the treatment to which he has been subjected.

The administratios of the various prisons in which the political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik group are detained have put these detainees in solitary confinement and punishment cells at random and without any justification. Read more

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